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I am a night nursing student and am in my last quarter of nursing school to complete my LPN. Does anyone else find it difficult to deal with immature students, let it be known that these are not young students I am talking about, the ages range from 21-35. I understand that there will be cliques and groups where ever you may work and there will always be those who act like they are 17 instead of 27. But how do you deal with this? I have been keeping quiet for almost a year and half ignoring the comments and snide remarks and the whispers behind people's backs. Unfortunately these type of people will be graduating and they haven't had their wake up call.

The remarks are crude, racial, prejudice and degrading to the other students and if they aren't about students they are trully ignorant in their meaning about anyone. I am not the only one affected by this nor do i consider myself the victim. But when is it going to end? Please tell me these people will be enlightened at some point or fail altogether. I worked in a trauma hospital for two years as a tech and i still know that the cliques and and whispers weren't this bad. These students are disrespectful to not only fellow students but to instructors and to patients, and for some reason have not been caught, and i don't feel that every time i see these people do something wrong, mostly to other people, to go straight to the instructor or feel trapped because i know if i say something i will start an all out war.

just ignore it. its funny because i've noticed that the more dramatic and immature people in my class are not the youngest ones, they are in fact, the oldest ones. i feel like high school drama continues throughout life, which sucks. dont get involved in what they're doing and how they're acting. you will be the bigger, more mature person by just ignoring it all.

I know exactly what you're talking about! I'm on my 2nd semester of having to endure this one student. She has such a nasty attitude about everything, calls people names (she's "joking", but still), talks and swears really loud in the halls at school AND in the hospital. She's completely unprofessional. I have no idea how she has made it this far and honestly don't know how she'll make it the rest of the way. If I ever come into contact with her as a patient I will surely demand another nurse! I'm not a picky type person and believe anyone can be molded into anything but I have no hope for her. :( Good luck to you!!

I don't know why this happens...but it's not just young students...my hometown clinic has a staff of severely rude and unprofessional, immature people who are downright unkind. It probably has something to do with the fact that the people in charge let this behavior happen, or are unaware that it is happening. Having come from the corporate world, I appreciate it when the Powers That Be set it straight from Day One with a team-oriented, positive organizational culture. I believe this could work in the school setting too, but administration has to make it a priority to set the expectations with students from the first day. When I was in journalism school, our professors told us that they expected us to act like professionals, and we did.

At least you are nearing the end of your program with these people. Keep your chin up and don't let them get you down.

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