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I've been a CNA for 2 years now. I just started at a new facility a month ago. I'm on the hardest most challenging assignment. I work nights and I have 9 total care and 1 assist. I work on the Alzheimer hall. My hall partner is friends with our Nurse. It seem that she gives her the easiest assignment. She has 5 total cares and 3 assist patients. I'm getting so burnout. It only takes my hall partner 15 minutes to do a rounds while it takes me over an hour. My assignment is so time consuming. There's a total of 4 techs on our hall. My assignment is unbelievable compared to their assignments. They have more assist patients compared to mine almost all total care. They are constantly going through techs on my assignment . Any advice on how to get them to make the assignments fair? I've talked to the nurse and she doesn't seem to care. thank you

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I also have one of the most challenging groups. There is no way to change it. If you "complain" about it, especially since you are the new aide, it will only look bad for you...it'll look like you can't handle the job.

My advice. Stick it out. Do the best you can. Keep your head up and tell everyone "you got this"! Because within a few months the census will change. It is a reality that residents pass away...especially if you have so many that are total care.

Even tho you've been a CNA for 2 yrs, you are still new to that facility and are still working into a routine. Give it time. Keep your chin up. :up:


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Talk to your unit manager/ADNS/DNS. There should be some balance between assignments or your co-worked should be helping you. If the assignment follows room numbers then you might have more trouble.

Dementia care is hard anyway you slice it. You have to learn to work smarter, not harder.


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are the assignments the same on your days off?

how do the other shifts make assignments?

I'd talk to the next higher person, but don't mention other staff

or say it's unfair, just tell them that you don't mind this assignment

as long as you can get a break and have other assignments as well

it would be hard to deny this is a reasonable request, imho

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I'm speaking from experience. Too many times I've seen other aides "complain" about a difficult group assignment when they are fairly new and then I hear the nurses and other aides complain that she "just can't handle the job"....then before you know it, the others complain about that aide and how she leaves things undone. Because you say "I've talked to the nurse and she doesn't seem to care. thank you", makes me believe this even more.

Nursing homes (even the best ones) can be a tough place to work!!! It's a place where more women are working than men, and everyone knows that when you get "a bunch of women working together......"

If you worked there for a year or so, it'd be different, but you've only been there a month. If you say something, it will only get worse for you, not better. ESPECIALLY since your hall partner is friends with the nurse.

I'm sure other positions will be opening soon, apply for them.


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Thanks guys. I spoke to both of my nurses again and explained in detail the problems with assignments. The nurses did reevaluate the assignments and they are more balanced now. It's nice not having to stress:)

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