differences between RN and LPN in ltc

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I've only worked as an LPN in ltc..I was the med pass nurse. Most facilities I worked at (through agency) did not have a charge RN, WE were the charge..for example each LPN would have their own wing and we might have a unit clerk .

I am not familiar with the role of an RN in ltc..I am assuming you are charge nurse? Can you describe a typical day? What are your tasks and responsibilities?

It really depends on the facility. In many, LPNs and RNs have identical days. In others, LPNs do not take charge.

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It differs from facility to facility, state to state, you should check with your state regs. Certain responsibilities can only be done by an RN, some facilities get away with it by having an LPN supervised by an RN (who takes the responsibility if something goes wrong).

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I have to agree with the OP. It depends on the facility. Where I work I do the same job as the LPNs. However, we have a unit supervisor and she is an RN. At my facility only RNs can be unit supervisors. I guess if it was the weekend and there are no supervisors around I would be considered the boss. Really I do not want that title. Someone with more diplomacy needs to hold that title.

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