Difference Between Leukocyte Poor and Washed RBC's???



Just wondering if there is any significant difference between "leukocyte poor" and "washed rbc's" or if they're the same thing??

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Washing is one way to remove leukocytes.......Leukocyte poor red cells are used when a pt has had 2 or more nonhemolytic febrile reaction and may have developed antibodies against transfused leukocytes...we used to add a filter at the bedside...now the blood bank performs this task and we rarely see washed cells b/c of advances in technology...at least where I work


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There is a difference between washed and leukocyte reduced. The majority of all RBC products will be leukocyte reduced. They are filtered after collection at the blood bank to remove leukocytes when they are produced into RBCs, plasma, cryo, etc or whole blood. Washed RBCs have an additional step added. They are filtered like "normal" units but then washed in 1-2 liters of saline. Washing removes cellular debris, removes most plasma and leukocytes but results in a lower volume unit. After an unit of blood is washed it only has a shelf life of 24 hours unlike a leukocyte reduced unit which is good for 42 days.

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