Diet after C Section?

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  1. What are your post C section diet orders?

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      Full/House diet now.
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      Clear liquids for 24 hours then advance as tolerated.
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      Advance as tolerated.
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      NPO until passing flatus.

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I've been hearing that some OBs are now writing for Full/House diets immediatley after a c section. What is your instutions policy?


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We still have a few cranky docs that insist on NPO until active BSx4. (boy, do those women get hungry). But 95% of our docs write an advance as tolerated order.



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about a month ago I read some very impressive studies concerning this. However I believe they were epidural/spinal patients and did not include generals. The studies (sorry I do not remember the authors or journal) correlated that patient outcomes and recovery were faster. Patients would have faster normal bowel function and feel able to leave the hospital earlier.

I personally think it is not for everyone. Our standard floor policy is to ask them if they are passing flatulence. Instead now I keep them on clears for a few hours, then have them try some peaches or apple sauce first before going to a full meal. But only if the patient feels ready.


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One of our docs, who just happens to be the chief and the most up to date on new literature, does the regular advance as tolerated thing. Most of our docs still do it the old way with clear liqs and advancement. I had 3 c/s AND the chief is my doc. Unfortunately, he hadn't instituted that policy yet, so I had to go the clear liquid route. I still like the fluid first and see how you feel approach, but the chief doesn't want to hear it...We still go by how the patient feels.....

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