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Did Spencerian College get their RN program back??

by lil_meme19 lil_meme19 (New) New

I haven't decided on which school I should go to. It is between Galen and Spencerian. Has Spencerian's RN program changed over the last year or so? Thanks for any information!!

Where are you located?

I am starting in the LPN program at spencerian this month. Both spencerian and galen have very strong LPN programs(both had exceptional pass rates in 2008) as far there RN programs go, I know that both schools are approved on a conditional basis. I chose spencerian because I went there for medical coding and I had a very good experience overall. All my teachers were very nice and went above and beyond to help me out in anyway that i needed. That, and I don't have to take a&p in the lpn program because I've already taken it and when I get in the rn program, I dont have to take most of my prereqs because i've already taken them too.

Hi i am thinking of going to Spenceian for my LPN and I can get any of the admissions ppl to tell me the tuition how much was your over all expense? if u dont mind sharing

How much is the Spencerian LPN Program and RN ? What are the class sizes? and do you know if the require you to take the public speaking class?

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