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When they did mention nursing(and they did not mention it enought), they said that including nursing as part of the healthcare team approach, treating nurses with respect like they are professionals, results in decreased death rates.


The OR nurse in New England explained a little. (How much was cut?). I work with a heart surgeon who pays detailed attention to nursing care. He teaches with a calm quiet manner. He has an excellent record as seen at:


The respect for nurses, patients, and families contributes to their recovery as much as skill.

The part about David Lawrence and Kaiser made me sick. They showed the Kaiser Richmand that had the ER with no critical care unit. The woman drove herself with chest pain. She later died in the ambulance on rout to a different hospital. He seemed so remorseful, but HE made an obscene salary as Kaiser paid for consultants instead of care.

Nurses and community members had been warning with petitions, pickets, city council meetings etc. There was a health department investigation about the EMERGENCY sign with no OR or critical care unit.I read about it in the Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and Contra Costa Times papers. They would not believe the doctors or nurses! The patient who died was an elected official. Others had similar things happen but no publicity.


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