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Did you pass NCLEX-RN?

murrayc13 murrayc13 (New) New

I took the NCLEX-RN in May 2017. It was my first attempt and I was scared to death. I walked out knowing I had failed. I felt nauseous. I had 96 questions. My last question was not a SATA. I did not have that many SATA which was vastly different from other people in my program's experience and they passed. So that's why I thought I had failed. I did the PVT that night and I got the good pop up. Two days later I got my quick results and I PASSED! Never doubt yourself. Priority questions are good. First questions are good. Do not pay attention to other people's experience. Everyone's is different. The amount of SATA does not matter. The number of questions does not matter. Try the PVT to ease your mind :)


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