Did I do the right thing?


I am a pre-nursing student busting my butt to get good grades and

finally get into nursing school. I am taking college algebra right now

and it is very difficult for me. The guy next to me comes in late and

asks a bunch of questions on stuff he missed b/c he was late, he

is very disrespectful in my opinion. He always wants to borrow

paper and a pencil from me or others too.

Today while taking the exam I notice he is using his iphone to

look up formulas and such. I thought he was doing that during

the last exam, but I didn't pay much attention. Until I saw he

got a 96 on the first exam and I barely got a B. Today I found

him distracting b/c I kept seeing him look up stuff and send/receive

text messages.

I decided to tell the instructor. I felt it was the right thing to do.

When I told my husband he said that I shouldn't have said anything.

That is up to the instructor to notice. Plus - if the guy finds out I

said something he might retaliate on me.

Please let me know what you would do. Do you think I just being petty

b/c of his good grade compared to mine?? Should I just worry

about myself?

Thanks :)




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If I sat in a class where cell phones where not allowed and someone was distracting me from learning then I would report that to the instructor who has a hard time deciphering the classroom of people who are good at cheating. I really think that the professor would be professional enough to not signal him out but to remind everyone that cell phone cheaters will be punished. We were not allowed to have cell phones out. Our class was small enough to be able to spot those cheating if the teacher walked around but I ran into some that were really good at it. I sat next to this young girl my first semester who did nothing but text beneath the desk. It was so bad that I told her that it bothered me to which she replied, "I know my mom always asks me how I manage to send 8000 text a month!" It was like a chain smoking texter. I reported it and she knew that someone in the class was irritated but she also knew that she was in the wrong. As for the guy retaliating, you probably are not the only one sitting around him and he did the cheating. He can't blame anyone but himself. I look at it like this, what if, the instructor was looking around and he spotted you glancing towards the guy's cell phone. As he near both of you and spotted the guy cheating, whats to say that you would not be accused as well? I think you did what was required not only because you work hard to be a honest person but because he bothers you. You pay for a sane education, get it.



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OMG! One day in my math class this girl sitting in the very front row of the class pulled out her laptop and was messing with her myspace page during the whole lecture! i know i wanted to rip her head off because it was so distracting. i mean, at least sit in the back so you arent distracting EVERYONE sitting near you! WEll i did tell the proffesor, who said she assumed the girl was taking notes! She thanked me for coming forward and i'm happy to say that this girl has acted appropriatley in this class ever since.

Had i not turned her in, she probably would have made a habit of doing this. Maybe since you turned this guy in maybe he'll shape up to. As for the grades- who cares if it's petty! this guy is cheating the system and you have every right to be upset that you are actually trying and getting worse grades than this cheater. I would have been extremely mad to!

I hope that your problem is resolved. Good luck in school.

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