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Did I Make Things Worse?

When I graduated from nursing school, the only job available at the time was a position in psych. I have thoroughly enjoyed my position, however, when it comes to other conditions that arise with my patients, sometimes I feel a step behind my coworkers. This is due to the fact that the majority of my coworkers have had that "med-surg" that I lack in my background.

I now find myself in a position where I have to find another job. (My current job is contract based, and is expiring at the end of this year.) However, it seems as if things have changed. Most positions now require a BSN, which I do not have, or they want at least a year of med-surg. I have tried applying for new grad positions in med-surg, however I am told that because I have worked as a nurse now for the last 2 years, I cannot be considered for a new grad position.

Did I really make a mistake taking on a specialty without the med-surg experience, and how can I rectify this situation, when jobs are scarce enough already?:banghead:

I don't think you made a mistake taking the job; in this economy jobs are hard to come by and you got a job and some experience.

I don't know where you're located but in California there are universities that have hybrid online classes. CSU Sacramento and UC Davis are reputable schools in California and they offer hybrid online courses (I know UC Davis has it to be FNP and PA but not sure about BSN but CSUS has the BSN--its new). The lectures are the online/blackboard part and clinicals are at the hospital.

For your location I would look into something like this, online/hybrid through reputable schools. This might allow you to work and get your BSN.

Best of luck to you, I'll include you in my prayers tonight. I know that stress can do so much to our bodies so try not to stress.

In our area if you want to bypass the red tape of hospital HR's then some nurses get a job with an agency. Just a thought.


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I usually suggest an LTAC to new grads or people who need the medical experience. I did it for years, and it's exhausting and I'm THRILLED to be out of that environment... BUT I saw almost everything under the sun, because the pt's are SO sick, a lot of times out of the ICU- trachs, vents, PD, HD, VADS, drips, drains, wounds etc etc etc... so you really learn a lot. People seem to think an LTAC is just a SNF, but it really isn't at all.


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Have you considered prisons? Jails? Takes a background in psych to know how to treat ur patients. Good luck!!

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When I graduated from nursing school, the only job available at the time was a position in psych. I have thoroughly enjoyed my position

If you enjoy psych, why not stay in psych? There are a lot of psych jobs out there, and with 2 years' psych experience you should not have a problem getting interviews even without the BSN.

Try an agency, try school nursing, try long-term care. You'll learn plenty of med-surg skills.


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Yep...I agree LTAC is definitely NOT a nursing home... OP this might be a good option for you if you have any LTAC in your area. You definitely will learn a lot, and get that med/surg experience.

Good Luck!

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well, how much do the med-surg nurses know about your field? Even psych patients get sick and do med-surg nurses really know how to work with the psych patient in an acute setting? I think you can take this worry rock out of your pocket.


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