Did I Do The Right Thing?

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OP, I hope your manager has been able to talk this through with you or reassure you in some way.

Of course you did what was ethically correct and what you are legally mandated to do. Whether this situation was due to lack of knowledge, lack of resources, neglect or more sinister reasons, it needed to be reported. We are not the judge and jury, we are advocates for our patients' health, safety and well-being.

On 7/17/2021 at 11:13 AM, Anon1423 said:

I got an email this morning saying that the family was extremely upset and unhappy with what happened.

Now, besides the patient's situation, this is the other part that sucks. I don't know who sent you the email; I assume it was someone in your workplace. If so, I don't care their rank or role--they were WRONG in emailing you with the family's reaction and you deserve to know they were wrong. It isn't even up for discussion, I am right about this. In the ED making reports is not a rare thing and I've made my fair share so far in my career. I have known some families were unhappy right in the moment while things were going down, obviously, but NEVER have I heard feedback from the peanut gallery (aka management) about how patients felt about the report having been filed. I can't fathom the expected result of this sort of feedback. Are you supposed to be sorry? Afraid? Feel bad?  NO. You are not.

I'm sorry you were even put in a position to worry about this.

Hope all is well now.