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Did anyone else's school not have orientation?


I keep hearing everyone talk about theirs, but we never had one. They e-mailed us our clinical assignments and schedule for Practicum 1 last week, but that's all the contact we've got. We start school next Monday and I'm really nervous because of the lack of knowledge of what we're getting into.

Clarification: I'm referring to orientation for the nursing program itself. We do have clinical orientation one day at our school the week before clinicals begin and then our first day at the clinical agency with our instructor.

We don't have orientation either. We have to attend CPR training the day before school start and that's it. I think that we will be attending lab awhile before we start going to the clinical setting.

We have a two day orientation. We get registered, buy uniforms and books. We have lectures on stress, go to the computer lab to learn how to use the resources online and in the lab, take the Nurse Entrance Test and go through the handbook. We even had breakfast and lunch provided by our area hospitals. In a week we will have a pot luck with family/friends at the school and they will talk to them about how we will be buried in study for the next two years. :uhoh3:

We only had orientation the first semester. I find that strange that some schools don't. There is quite a bit of info to go over.

What is odd is everybody else in clinicals does have orientation except for the people just beginning. But I guess they will try to explain everything to us before we go to the hospital because I think we don't go until like 3 weeks after school start.

Are you talking about orientation to the program or clinical orientation?

I am talking about clinical. We had a two day orientation before I started taking my pre-reqs. Now that we are moving on we do not get an orientation.

Ohhh, Ive always had clinical orientation, no matter what. The first day is always orientation.

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