Did anyone apply to Azusa's EENAP Program?


Hello! I was just wondering if anyone who applied to Azusa's EENAP Program could tell me what their GPA, prerequisite grades, and anything else you put on their application were? I'm extremely interested in this program and will be applying soon. I was just curious to see what my competition is and what kind of "typical" student profile they are looking for. Even if you've been rejected from this program I'm interested to know what your stats were :wink2:. Also, did you have any prerequisites in progress when you applied? If so, how many?

Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide me with! :nurse:


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I just had an interview. The woman I spoke to said they will not accept anyone with a gpa lower than 3.0 (this is new starting march 2010). They read your essay and all of your recommendations so make sure you ask people that know you well. I think they basically focus on a well rounded student. I have not found out if I was accepted yet but I would apply ASAP. They have a long wait list. I applied with one class in progress and just gave them my final transcript at my interview. Good luck. I have heard nothing but great things about this school. :)


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While waiting until I start the program, I've been looking into various ways to help cover tuition.

Can anyone share their situation w/ financial aid & tuition? I want to make productive use of my time (saving & applying for scholarships) until I have to start the program. I would love any tips/strategies that you might want to share! =)


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i've seen your posts around the forums, and i'm wondering if you ever got into a school! please let me know, or feel free to email me at justinekatindoy@gmail.com. i noticed you've mentioned before that you've been applying to schools, but it's the GPA issue that is weighing you down. i'm in a similar situation and i would love some feedback on if you've had any luck overcoming the GPA hurdle in this whole process.

also, you mentioned here that someone at azusa said they would not accept anyone with a GPA less than 3.0 anymore. is that for undergrad? or for prereqs? on their website, they are still advertising that people with a 2.7-2.9 gpa may be considered also.


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