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diaper and insurance

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just for all those who need a little laugh, i get a request to day to sign off an rx for 300 diapers and 100 pads for a 24 month old. evidently the previous provider approved this request, i went through the chart trying to find the medical basis for a 24 month needing a rx for diapers, noting nada zilch zippo, so I called the mom and the mom said oh the other person said i could get them he because has a speech delay, huh, then she stated i am going to start potty training him so i need the pull ups instead. My response was there is no indication that he needs a rx for diapers or pullups and i was not going to approve the request and he is probably not yet ready for potty training at 2 years of age. After I did that i called the department that had faxed the order explained that there was no reason for this request, what i did not know was had i signed it the order would have been valid for 1 year that is 3600 diapers and 1200 bed pads for 1 child. The woman I spoke with also informed me that if I ok'd the request and it was ever questioned by insurance I would be the one to answer to Medicaid:nono: And people wonder why we cant fix medicaid

I didn't even know you could write a Rx for diapers for a child?

Love the crazy stuff people ask for, though. I am like, NO, NO and NO. Like I had a patient arguing about how she is disabled and I should sign the papers. She is not disabled. I told her this is a GOOD thing.

Just another day in paradise...

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I am constantly amazed at what people have the nerve to ask for. My latest favorite is the young man who came into our clinic asking my colleague to sign disability papers because he is a ___ addict and he "can't work cause he is always high". Really??? So you want us to let you stay home AND pay for your drug of choice?? Needless to say, the papers didn't get signed. However, I also have a number of patients who truly do qualify for disability and won't apply because they're embarrassed. I admire their spirit, but I try to get them to meet with a social worker. It's an interesting world out there!!


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what happened is a md signed the authorization back in November approving the request based on who knows but i went through the chart and there was no medical necessity if a child has spina bifida cp or is severely mentally delayed insurance can and will pay for it. Mom told me that his speech therapist said he should be able to medicaid to pay for diaper. The MD who approved did not bother to go through the chart and see if this was valid. My parents hate it because I am so anal about stuff.:dncgcpd:

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My pts occasionally ask for Depends (adult diapers) which they then use on other family members.

The pts asking for them are anuric!


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oh no too funny not really but yeah that is


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