Renal nurses...need your help!!

  1. After a few years at the bedside in ICU I have applied for a job as a manager of a renal unit.

    I have no renal background, other than acute in ICU.

    I have my second interview soon, with a panel.

    On the panel there will be a number of people including a renal nurse.

    I need to know from renal nurses what they would look for and expect in a manager.

    I am orgainized, motivated and willing to learn anything! I have already been told they would expect me to go through a renal nurse orientation...and I look forward to the challenge of a new enviroment.

    Can I get some input from the renal nurses out there!??


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  3. by   babs_rn
    Well, not to sound discouraging, but experience in renal care would be a BIG plus - it is unlike anything you have ever done before. Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis experience as well. In Georgia you can't even be a charge nurse in Hemodialysis until you have at least 6 months' experience providing hemodialysis care and go through a training class. It's state regulation.

    But, Good luck to you...

  4. by   renerian
    I don't know about renal other than what I got on hem/onc/bmt. I am interviewing for an oncology head nurse position at a hospital near me, inner city. I have had three interviews already. I have two more on the 29th and I have to meet with 30 people those two interviews! WOW must believe in buy in LOL. Then I have to meet with the oncology docs. My boon is the other two applicants have no hem/onc experience whereas I have 6.5 years.

    Let us know how your interviews go.