Religious preferences of patients in dialysis

  1. hi all!
    i am a new rn to dialysis and new to this website. i was wondering what religious preferences/restrictions patients might have when it come to dialysis. for instance, i am muslim and can see why muslims would not want heparin because it is made from pork intestine(porcine), but isn't bovine heparin readily available? what other religious preferences could come up with dialysis? i really want to respect my patient's faith. thanks so much in advance for any replies! take care, mehgan
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  3. by   tired dialysis nurse
    I Have Taken Care Of Several Muslim Patients And Have Never Had Trouble Getting Bovine Heparin. Fyi--certain Christian Sects Refuse Blood Products And Will Not participate in some Holiday Traditions. That Makes It Hard When They Are @ A Davita Facility Due To The Fact That The "team-mates" Are Expected To Not Only Take Care Of Health Needs But Also entertain Our Patients As Well. I Have Worked At A Davita Clinic For 6+ Years And I Really Think They Have Turned Into A Cult, Or @ Least A Weird Religion. I Love My Job Most Of The Time But Enough Is Enough---this Whole Rah..rah..gung-ho Stuff Can Really Get On Your Nerves When You Are Busting Your A-- All Day. Can Anybody hear Me? I Am A Very Good Nurse With Good Practice, Get A Long With People ,But This Cheerleading Cr-- That Goes On A Daily Business Is Really Making Me Tired......
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    Quote from tired dialysis nurse
    A Davita Facility .
    That is soooo true! I recieved dialysis for a year at a Davita facility, and that is no joke. I wanted to say..."Shut up! Can't I be depressed for one freaking day??!!" It's all good, I see the concept.....
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Okay, I gotta ask - what goes on in a Davita facility? I work in (but not for) another large dialysis company and we don't have anything approaching a cheerleader. Thanks for the info.
  6. by   diabo
    Dear Mehgan,
    The scriptures, from what I've studied, arent specific enought to rule out the use of porcine heparin. In hind sight, we now know how much desease undercooked pork can have, so the law forbidding it's consumption makes sense. Some carry the law too far such as forbidding the use of a pigskin football. However, check with the supplier about bovine. It was hard to come by sometime ago. Also check on the use of Citrasate for the acid portion of the bath. We use lots in our acutes when we run heparinless due to bleeds etc.

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