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  1. Just was wondering if any dialysis company that you work for has a pay scale?
    The last company I worked for had a pay scale such as
    starting nurse to 6 months: $20.23
    step 1: $21.39
    step 2: $22.65
    step 3: $23.92
    step 4: $25.29
    step 5: $26.69
    This pay scale is 3 years old and the manager could start the nurse out at which step she thought you deserved to begin with, another words if you were a new nurse, but worked there as a CNA then you could start out at 23.92 and work your way up. )(this pay scale was from a nursing home)

    When I tell the manager that I'm getting beginning nurse pay she tells me that she doesn't know what to pay us, that no one has told her. We are a facility that was bought out about 1 year ago.
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  3. by   just keep swimming
    Our nurses have typically started out slightly lower than what they would make in a hospital. I'm not sure how much that is for your area or if that is how they do it there. I do know that the company is going to a "step type" system soon. 1 level for RN-ASN, next for RN-BSN, Higher if you add CNN to the list and so forth.
    Sorry I don't have a more straight forward answer for you

    Also, raises have not been great for a few years...there has been a company wide cap on raises. Can't complain husbands company hasn't been giving them at all for 3 years.
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  4. by   MJB2010
    What part of the country are you in? I think this would make a difference in pay rates and pay scale. I made more in dialysis than I do in the hospital, but I got no differentials, whereas in the hospital I get evening, night, weekend diffs. I would find out what nurses with your experience level are making at other clinics/hospitals and ask for that. How can she say no if she has no idea she needs to figure it out. If you were to go to another clinic, your experience would be worth something. How long have you been in dialysis?
  5. by   Joni's Mom
    Hi Nurse Nessa,

    Where did you hear this info? We work for the same company and so far no information comes down the turn pike to us, or at least our manager is not sharing. I do believe that if this company would have a pay scale then at least we would know where we stand. I feel this would be good for moral.
  6. by   just keep swimming
    It came from the last nationwide meeting but has not yet been rolled out. My understanding is that we have already been categorized but rates have not been set yet. Sorry, I don't have more info than that.
  7. by   Joni's Mom
    HI Nurse Nessa,

    Thanks for replying.
    Where can we gain a copy of the nationwide meeting minutes? It sure would be nice to be on the same page as everyone else.
    When you gain more knowlege could you please let me know as my 2 years will be in Sept.

    Thanks again you have been very helpful.