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  1. Anyone hear of the Ladder system for how the company will pay the nurses techs and other staff members? What I heard is that there will be levels 1 2 3 for each but thats all I have heard.
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  3. by   Marisette
    I've heard of the ladder system. It involves doing several projects, inservices, task and generally demonstrating competency in your nursing area or going beyond what is expected in your nursing area. There may be some monetary compensation for climbing the ladder. I think it's a good way for new employee's to advance. However, I think it should be voluntary. It's mandatory where I work and the monetary compensation is poor. Moreover,nurses have voiced their concern at not having sufficient time to complete required task to climb the ladder and our employer expects the nurses to do this on their own time, at home. I don't want to work at home. They can keep the pay increase which is shameful. I used to get pay raises without the stupid ladder. I was told that I'm at my max for salary last year and climbing the ladder may not qualify me for an increase. I like to study and learn new things on my own, without focus on my nursing specialty. I usually get my ceu or credits to keep my license by reading a variety of things. Thanks to the ladder, I will have to devote more time to my specialty in nursing and perform more task to benefit my employer. For newer nurses, the ladder may be a good way to learn and get an increase. I'm not excited.
  4. by   Joni's Mom
    Oh Goodie

    Sounds like another way we can do more, get lateral positions with no increase in pay. I already have more titles than
    most and got promoted with what they called a lateral position as Clinical Coordinator. I imagine that with all my
    titles the ladder won't take into consideration all those things. Sounds like this is a good way the company can get out of the annual pay increase, another way to cut corners. Got to make sure they stay within the budget. More for the top- less for the bottom.

    Thanks for responding
  5. by   Marisette
    You may want to look up "ladders" on this site. There are some very interesting comments. One employer, appeared to not honor the nurses climb up the ladder whenever the ladders "requirements or description" was changed by the employer. I'm so tired of administrators adding more to my job description. I wish I could find a way out of nursing. I don't even care about a lower wage, just a living wage will do. However, I notice, jobs mostly for part time employment, or jobs without benefits. I hope Obama care creates some new employment in healthcare.
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