How did you start in Dialysis?

  1. I am extremely interested in Dialysis, although I guess you can consider me as a new grad. However, I've had 3 months hands-on extensive training in hemodialysis that I thoroughly enjoyed.. I've tried applying for DaVita and Fresenius, as they are 2 big names in dialysis, but I haven't gotten a call back from them.. Are there any other options I can do to jump start my career in dialysis? How did you start out your career in this field? I actually have a job offer in a psychiatric hospital, which I'm probably going to take, although I still have my eyes open for dialysis.
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  3. by   Dialysisjoe
    I'm curious. What kind of "extensive hands on training" did you get and where did you get it? Usually, if anyone is going to put that kind of "extensive hands on training" into someone, they've already hired them. As well, DaVita and Fresenius are always looking for talent. If you've got skills, I'm sure they'll be getting back to you.
  4. by   jenmesh
    Well, I had training in the Philippines. That was 2 years ago. "Training" meant I had to pay $200 (which was a lot of money in that country), for 3 months of training. "Training" there meant I worked as a regular nurse, and the staff were super eager to give me all their responsibilities which I absolutely hated. So, basically, I paid them, I don't get any salary and I do all their jobs. That was my hands-on training.. But, I liked dialysis, so I endured it... Hopefully, I'll be able to have the opportunity to continue that here.
  5. by   awheat
    dialysis here is a specialty. new hires get 2 months in-depth training (log a lot of hours in classroom with theoretical training and specific detailed information and almost 3x as many hours in clinic setting w/ preceptor hands-on). even with all this, it is expected to take a minimum of 6 months, working full-time, to really understand what is going on with these patients and treatments and get comfortable with this venue. this does not sound the same as your "extensive training in hemodialysis" if, indeed it was "regular nurse" training. was it on a dialysis only unit or a unit that also happened to do dialysis? i ask because if it was a unit that was not hd specific, and you had some limited exposure to hd but really enjoyed it and want to go in that direction, you need to make sure your resume and cover letter express that, and not that you have "extensive training" as that may appear to be mis-leading. good luck!!
  6. by   acutedialysis
    If you have an RN, do you have a year's experience in nursing? With the new CMS guidlines mandating charge RN's have at least 1 year nursing experience, this could be part of the problem. Many smaller units only have 1 RN on site, so they have to be more picky.

    Since you asked about how people started: I started in a hospital that had in-house outpatient dialysis. I was part of the float (technician) pool and was asked to float to dialysis, which I did. I finished my nursing degree and stayed in dialysis. 3 years later I moved into acutes and never looked back (I'm at 19 years of dialysis now, and run the acute program.)

    There are other areas of nursing that you might be able to get into dialysis. We have a state run psych center that offers in house dialysis, as does the local prison. Not my cup of tea, but I have heard many dialysis nurses tell me it is very interesting. Also some rehab centers have their own in-house acute teams. You could also look into one of the groups that offers nursing home dialysis. In my area it is Affilated Dialysis and I believe they service 20-25 nursing homes.

    Good luck!
  7. by   rogue_maverick
    I also had my training in the Philippines.

    I got into renal nursing because back when I was still a fresh graduate, nursing jobs in hospital was already starting to be scarce. I happened to have a friend who used to be a staff nurse in one of the biggest hemodialysis companies in the Philippines and thru him I was able to be part of their training program.

    We had a classroom setup full of lectures and skills lab for the first two months. After that, we had an oral and written examination and only upon passing these exams were we allowed to buddy up with a staff nurse in the treatment area. During my training, I was able to read 3 hemodialysis handbooks to fully grasp the theory behind this specialty. Then we had to pass the local renal nursing certification examination (written test) before we are legally allowed to work as a staff nurse in any renal unit.

    After those things, I was able to land a job in an outpatient renal facility in the philippines and worked there for 2 years. Then I went abroad.

    I'm now here in the Caribbean for almost a year.
  8. by   jopine
    Hi jenmesh! I'd just like to ask, where did you had your HD training? Thank you.
  9. by   aerialacer
    Hi guys! Is it a requisite to have months of hospital experience for you to undergo in a dialysis training? Thanks!
  10. by   serenidad2004
    I started in my hospitals out patient dialysis clinic after 9yrs LTC and skilled care. I am loving every minute of it!!!