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    Questions on hours/staff cuts. Can someone give me some advice about hours cut to 30-32 hours, mostly less than 32, and if a manager can promise that employee status, such as remaining full-time, and insurance benefits will remain the same. I tend to be apprehensive.
    Anyone know where I can find information on this?

    Also, we lost a tech, and this manager has no interest in replacing this tech stating that she will rotate techs from another unit, so each tech gets used to working in our facility instead of having a stable tech, by the way our patients hate this. When she rotates these techs they are not scheduled to open the facility, they only come at 1200 till close which is till 2000. From the other unit 2 different techs asked to work at out unit on a regular basis the manager refused to allow them to be scheduled on a regular basis stating that wouldn't be fair.

    My question is, since we were taken over by a large company does this manager not want to give us a regular tech because she knows our facility will be closing down? There have been some hints that we will be expanding, but I tend not to believe this d/t the reluctance of receiving the stable tech that we need. We are a 6 chair unit, on M/W/F we are full all three shifts, on T/Th we have 1 shift full. We have 2 (full time) RN's with 2 RN's that can come in and help when one of us full time nurses call in sick/vacation, and 2 (full time) techs, but in need of a 3rd tech (part time), incase one of the full-time techs call in sick/vacation, this is the one the manager won't replace.
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  3. by   MJB2010
    We also lost a tech and our clinic refuses to replace them. We recently went from 2 shifts of patients 3days a week and 3 shifts the other 3days a week to 3 full shifts 6 days a week. I think every single person in my clinic is looking for another job. I think the bean counters have decided it is cheaper to work us to death rather than provide us with safe staffing levels. We are working 15 hour days, but the manage to take out enough breaks to keep our OT low, even though we never get to take all the breaks because there is non staff to cover them. Instead of only replacing the tech that left, we need at least 2 more and we also need another nurse at least.

    I think it is a money saving tactic to leave the staff spot empty. I do not think it indicates that your clinic will be closing.
  4. by   Joni's Mom
    Thanks for replying,

    How many chairs?
    The problem is our manager only wants us to work 8 hours and No More than that. So the first shift has to put on take off all 6 pt then put on 6 more it's run run run from 1000 to 1200. The second shift people come in at 1130 for the RN and 1200 for the 2nd tech. Then the 2nd RN gives the first RN a 30 min. lunch at 1200 along with the 2nd tech gives the 1st tech lunch, then 1st RN gives 2nd RN lunch same with tech so 2nd shift gets lunch other wise 2nd shift would not get lunch. 1st tech leaves at 1330 and 1st RN leaves at 1400 about that time 2nd shift staff are running because now turn over time and next shift of pt to come off/on. There is no time for 15min. breaks for either shift, but when the techs and even the RN comes from the other unit they insist on their 15min break and 30 min lunch, and the tech wants 2/ 15min breaks.
    Staff are also looking for different jobs mostly d/t 30 hour or less on the pay check.