help for nondialysis nurse

  1. i will fully admit i am NOT a dialysis nurse.. i do not feel at all comfortable dealing with renal stuff in regards to my home care clients...i have a newdialysis client...has the renal itching..driving her crazy...states the dialysis nurses havent really offered any advice, sees MD next week...any otc remedies? or what specifically should she/i ask herMD for???
    thanks for any help/patience you all can have w/ me...:roll
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  3. by   ageless
    Calcium, phosphorus and/or parathyroid hormone are usually to blame. Phosphorus builds up and binds with the calcium to form some type of crystals that cause the "itchy" feeling. Also people with kidney disease have damaged sweat and oil glands. Make sure the patient is compliant with taking his/her phosphate binders (phoslo) with food! Use no alcohol in lotions, no long hot baths. Also make sure the patient is not allergic to something used during the dialysis process. the lines, the kidney, or even the heparin. Best OTC lotion (I know of) is coconut oil.
  4. by   sunnygirl272
    thanks so much:kiss ....i am eager to see her again on friday to be able to do phoslo teaching and advise the coconut oil...she has actually now dug her legs open..has had stasis ulcers in the not too distant past/..stupid daughter gave her a backscratcher to reach her legs... is there any med she can get to take for the itching?i knew it was related to teh renal failure, and knew if was something bound tosomething....remember hearing the term uremic frost in school...
    but like i said...dialysis and i are not well acquainted...any other quick and easy education anyone has to offer is very welcome...also have a client who will probably be getting setup to start dialysis after her appt monday...
  5. by   ageless
    uremic frost is due to the BUN and Creatinine. Hopefully, if this is causing the the itch, it will be under control soon. you said she was new to dialysis? Make her throw the back scratcher away!
  6. by   sunnygirl272
    lol...b!tched the daughter out about giving it to her and the patient for asking for it...also had to give the "Betadine is evil" talk...the dtr was painting her abraded areas with betadine...then she said "how about peroxide" i'm like"NOOOOOO!!!" (wound care is one of my fortes...)
  7. by   TELEpathicRN
    renal pts can take benadryl or hydroxazine for itching