FT in dialysis with PRN jobs

  1. My dialysis friends! (LPN/LVNs especially) Our hours are rough and long. We get up too early. What happens when you're not getting your 40 hours and you really need the income of a PRN job? Where do you go? Being at the clinicfor 12 hours, 3.5 days a week can be a roadblock for trying to get something else. I know the RN's have many more opportunities for PRN jobs in hospitals or home health or agency nursing, but what about LVNs? What are we doing? I'm not cut out for LTC. I'd love a PRN in dialysis, working with another company perhaps. Just a day here, a day there. It'd be easiest.

    All suggestions welcome!
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  3. by   Tish88
    I think you answered your own question - IMO - I would get hired on per diem with another dialysis company.
    In my 20+ years of doing this, I had worked for 4 different companies at the same time! Never had a problem getting hours - some times too many!!
  4. by   rn_nxt_dr
    I would suggest calling recruiters that specialize in Dialysis. Google the subject.

    Way back in August '09 I bumped into this site. www.amsrenal.com AMS Renal Dialysis Recruiters.
    Good luck, I hope it helps.
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  5. by   GeauxNursing
    thanks guys, I picked up with FMC about 3 months ago. I work with them q Thursday as a med nurse. And the dialysis recruiters call the clinic all the time and ask for interested parties.