ESRD Federal Regs????

  1. Hello folks. I work as a PCT in Pennsylvania, I am an LPN. My clinic manager says I can't work as an LPN due to Federal regs on ESRD. There are other clinics in the state that allow this as well as other states.
    If anyone can help me out with info shooting this one out of the water please drop a lline on this thread..........
    Thank you in advance.

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  3. by   caroladybelle
    Many places use LPNs as PCTs in PA. I believe it has to do with the high price of malpractice in that state. In Philly, virtually every teaching hospital LPN that I met was not permitted to give meds or worked as a PCT, many for that reason.

    It may be different in Nursing Homes.
  4. by   AmyLiz
    We've got an LPN at our clinic. He's the only one...all other nurses are RN's, but he pretty much does the same things as the RNs do...careplans, etc.