1. Hi, Does anyone here use ecube? I am just learning the system. I was wondering if it is possible, when you print out home med reviews to have them print by shift. Even better - alphabetically by shift!

    Also, if I hand out home med sheets for a shift I do not work, can I go in and sign off that the home meds sheets were given even on a different day/shift? I have to rely on other nurses to hand them out on the days I do not work. They won't sign them off. If not signed off, to my boss it looks like I have not handed them out. I am trying to find a way to organize it so it is not so time consuming. I am responsible for a monthly home med review on all the patients in the entire facility, so saving time would be a good thing!

    I was hunting around online to try and find a good ecube site. No luck so far. The people at work don't know how to do what I am asking. Just figured it couldn't hurt to ask around here!

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Jennifer - I don't have the answers either but our FMC units will be going to Ecube sometime in the next six months. I don't use Ecube to document, our practice uses acumen but supposedly Ecube provides a seamless interface with Acumen. Remains to be seen, but will hopefully be nice only using one program. Good luck.
  4. by   RN625
    Hi Jennifer
    We've been using ecube since Feb. If I understand your practice, printing the med sheets for review by the patients is just the first step. When the nurse interacts with the patient in revewing the meds that nurse should document a home med review by charting in the "intervention" section.
    Our sheets are created from ecube reports, user defined parameters, then orders summary. I select the pt, etc. , de-select all orders, choose home meds, then the report will run.
    We don't have shifts in home therapies, so I'm not sure if you have that options.
    The nurse reviewing c the patient should be charting the intervention. Please discuss c your supervisor that you cannot chart something that others have/have not completed. Making you responsible for printing & handing out the reports is not the same as having them complete a "home med review".
    I can only suggest you divide the lists & list the nurse assigned to which patients/shifts/pods ? Then it should be that nurse responsibility.
    Is 1 person responsible for all the foot checks? Its almsot the same thing, impossible for 1 person to do.
    Sorry, not sure if this helps you.