Does dialysis nursing require a lot of computer/paper work?

  1. I'm thinking about working at dialysis clinic, but I know that in general clinic nursing is mostly computer work. This is the reason I'm not working at a clinic. Is it the same for dialysis? I want to spend most of the time with patients like you do in hospital, but in smaller setting of specialty, and if it's possible in dialysis clinic, it would be interesting.
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  3. by   twinsmom788
    My personal opinion is that working in a dialysis clinic is acute/intensive care. You are responsible for several patients at a time. The nurse will be responsible for overseeing at least 4-6 patients, while the technician hopefully can get the access started, if not the RN will stick the patient. On top of all that, you would need to chart, change dressings, do assessments, and give medications. It is a very detailed and skilled process. The nurses work very long hours and are always on their feet. Definitely not a computer job!
  4. by   CFrancine
    Not a "computer" job but most places use electronic charting. You have to be able to navigate the system and chart appropriately.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yep tons of it. Everything is electronic, from orders to charts.

    You will have to embrace such technology if you want to succeed in dialysis or any nursing these days.