Dialysis nursing - New graduate

  1. I will start my orientation soon in a hemodialysis center and this is my first RN job. To all experienced nurses, please share any tips, what to expect and do's and don'ts. Thank you!
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  3. by   Anggelica
    Lots and lots of compassion.
  4. by   NurseRies
    Make friends with your techs, don't walk in acting like you are too good to clean up a spill or assist a patient from the waiting room. Try to come into the unit being very pleasant because these patients and coworkers are going to be your new family. You will see them 3-4 times a week for hours at a time! A good first impression with go a long way in this environment. Also, you will prob not get to do "nursing" stuff for first 6 weeks. You will most likely be trained on the machine first. Don't get upset about that, it is necessary and all new nurses get trained as techs too. The technical aspects of dialysis are vast and there is a lot to learn. You won't be able to be a good nurse there until you understand the machine and the importance of water testing, etc.

    I have seen new nurses walk around muting and resetting alarms without knowing why. Just be cautious at first! Sticking a patient may not happen for 2 months. Most of all be a team player and don't whine! There is no time for sitting down usually, unless documenting or on the computer. Have fun, make jokes with the patients. Patients have seen so many new nurses come and go, they will want to see if you have what it takes to stay! Some patients, depending on culture there, will try to test you and even might try to make you nervous. Be strong! Be polite, but assertive. I saw a few nurses quit bc patient so and so hated them or said something mean. You may have to grow tough skin. This patient population will say all kinds of things!

    Once you get to know the patients, it can be the most rewarding career for a nurse! I loved being in center. Good luck!
  5. by   retiredlady
    Please have a sense of humor with the patients! Talk to them about various things, movies, their families, etc. It makes them feel so much better. Don't lecture them all the time, they usually know what they can eat, drink, etc. Be good to the techs and they will help you. Know what to do in an emergency.