Dialysis nursing

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    i took the $2400 dialysis course (1 week long) and was pretty much promised it would be "easy" to land a position. well, it isn't. does anyone know of a dialysis facility (chronic) that will hire a non-icu nurse who did very well in the course, but most experience has been ambulatory surgery perioperative and instructor. i really loved the course and looked forward to finding a job. i live in the chicago area. thanks.
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    What part of Chicago? Honestly, you don't need ICU training to work in chronic dialysis.
  4. by   joanitee
    Well, that's good news. I've applied to Davita probably 8 times and Fresenius about that many and no answer. Somehow I don't think they're that in need of nurses. I would so love to get into dialysis but I just can't get a break. I'm actually in the northwest suburbs..Arlington Heights/Palatine area. Thanks for your interest.
  5. by   Biffbradford
    Oh, just curious. Well, I've got the ICU experience and had a job in chronic dialysis but quit for a number of reasons, but for one they need more 'case managers' than analytic thinkers, so it just wasn't my cup of tea. Was hoping to get into acute dialysis, but now they've got me turned off on the whole deal. Anyway, at least around here, there is hiring going on in dialysis, so hang in there!
  6. by   Tish88
    You don't need ICU experience to work in chronic hemodialysis units.
    You indicated you applied at Davita and FMC - did they actually have open positions or was you just submitting an application?
  7. by   joanitee
    They actually had jobs openings listed on careerbuilder.com and simplyhired.com searches. That's how I applied. They will not answer phone calls so your only course of action is the online path. Very discouraging. To anyone out there trying the same, please let me know if you were successful and how you did it. Thanks for any help.
  8. by   uberdialysisnurse
    I just landed a dialysis nurse job with Davita. I had a very good resume, new alot about the company, did 5 interviews, and shadowed at 5 clinics, and have 14 years critical care experience. It took 5 clinics to find a good fit for me, and I love it. They sent me to theory class for a week. Be flexable, and persistent, because then they know you are going to continue to work for them for a long time. Hope my experience helps....=]
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  10. by   madwife2002
    I have no problem getting interviewed with DaVita I just havent found the right job.
    ARA are recruiting
    CDC are recruiting in Ohio
    Fresenius are always looking
    I would just keep trying
  11. by   3cdn1usa
    I would do a walk in. When I was a manager, I was told to always accept a nurse resume as we are not as easy to find as oppose to a tech. If I didn't need one I would then talk with one of my sister units in need. Now that was in 2007. I do see CMs talking to walk in nurses. There is def need, at least in NC. So keep at em! Good Luck
  12. by   twansp
    I have been in dialysis for 11 yrs and with your background you may want to look into acutes, but also you might want to try one of the two larger dialysis comanies which are Fresenius or Davita dialysis, if you are still looking.
  13. by   jessicaa713
    Hi I saw your message. Were you ever able to find a job in dialysis? Just curious, this job is in big demand all over but most of the time they require the RN's to have some experience in dialysis. But hey never hurts to interview if given the opportunity. Our home dialysis clinic is looking for a nurse now.
  14. by   astia
    Keep trying it is a great field, I have no ICU only psych experience and I got into davita, my friend went straight there also years ago out of nursing school and now she is training dialysis nurses, it is what you put your brain to. Many nurses keep saying that we have to get certain experience before a specialty, while it is beneficial, it is not the same as back in the days plus, new nurses will not get hired without experience and they therefore have to take whatever opportunity is given. Keep trying go for it, they are hiring.