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  1. I am interested in applying at devita in Knoxville, tn. I have never worked in dialysis only home health so it will be a big change if I decide to go that route. I have been an lpn for 3 years and I just graduated as an RN. So I was wanting to get information as far as what type of company they are to work for, pay and hours they require. Thanks!
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    The facility administrator and regional director will have a huge influence on what the facility feels like . But you will hustle and stay busy all day regardless. My activity tracker avaerges about 10k steps on the days I work 12 hours . The company itself is great and has good benefits . Personally I love it. My team is awesome and the facility admin is the best boss I've had in a very long time . It's a no- hater environment here and that makes a huge difference. The hiring process can be a bit slow due to how background checks are done and having a central recruiting moving at its own pace . Hope that helps
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    Since it's 12 hour shifts does the company require 3-4 days of work a week? I read that it requires a really flexible schedule. Do you have any idea what the average pay range is? Thanks for replying!
  6. by   Gladimadeit
    Some clinics are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday only since most patients treat 3x a week. Others will be open 6 day a week with a whole different groups of patients treating on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Some of our staff work MWF only, some work TTS only, and some of us work a mix of both . As for the pay, it's pretty much right in line with what I found looking it up online (search for what a dialysis LPN or RN should make for the region you're in).
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    So many of your questions are going to vary center to center, even multiple local centers can be ran completely different. However, I would suggest that if you are applying to make sure you're spelling the company name correctly. It's DaVita If you spell it as you do here on a cover letter, you're not going to make it past HR.

    The pay in all the clinics I looked into was a lot more than the hospitals pay in the area.