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Davita Star RN Program

  1. 1 Hello,

    I have been offered a position with Davita but first I have to go through their 10 week training program called STAR. I went to their open house located in Phoenix and was very impressed. I work in the hospital now on the med surg floor and the acuity is very high and very stressful at times. I am a BSN RN and only been a RN for 1 year. I dont have any dialysis experience but I do have nursing experience. I was a LPN for 3.5 yrs and Hospital Corpsman for 9 yrs. I work for a Level 1 non profit and I heard Davita is for profit. My reason for leaving my area is bc I am not happy there and I feel very overwhelmed. Also they don't pay enough. Davita pays so much more and that is always a plus. Do anyone have any suggestions and advice?
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  3. by   Duncan6
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    Did you decide to take the position? I was just at a hiring event last night and was pleased how it went. I've been an RN for 20+ years, 11 of those in dialysis. I've been out of it for 10 years and want to get back to it. I love outpatient HD. I've also done acutes and PD, but outpatient is where my heart is at. I love that I'll still have a 12 week orientation since a lot may have changed over 10 years. If you like being busy, don't mind longer shifts, and enjoy working with the same patients and staff every day it can be great. For me it offers a great combination of being able to use my technical and clinical skills as well as getting to spend time on patient education. It is hard work, but if you have a good team and administrator it is really rewarding. Dialysis isn't for everyone though, you usually love it or hate it.
  4. by   ladynesh
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    Sorry about the delay. I haven't heard anything back just yet. I have applied and did my phone & in-person interview. I rec'd a call and was offered an opportunity to do a shadow shift at the local clinic. I did my shadow shift a few days ago and I liked it. I was very busy, but the atmosphere was good. The staff worked really well together. Had great teamwork. I hope I am they call me back and offer me a position. I will let you know when I know....Wish me luck.
  5. by   Duncan6
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    It seems to take a while sometimes! I have been a little frustrated, myself. I drove 4 hours round trip for the hiring event. Then I had a phone interview for the FA position. Then I did another 4 hour drive for the RN interview. The next day I drove to the clinic where I would be working for the FA interview. I didn't get a chance to shadow on the floor, but I did enjoy meeting the FA and ROD. We talked for a while about what the FA position required and then the ROD asked me what way I was leaning as far as remaining on the floor or FA. I told her that if I was going with my gut I felt that I would be a better fit for the floor at this time. The FA had more out of town events than I had anticipated and I was also required to work at least 16 hours on the floor. I didn't think I'd be able to keep a very good work/family balance. They said "great-but the floor nurse position isn't available anymore. Internal candidate." So I have effectively shut myself down for consideration for FA. The current FA and ROD spent a few minutes discussing other positions they could possibly hired me for, but the only thing available was for PD and I would have to drive over an hour between 3 clinics. They said a new clinic would be opening in the spring and they are pretty sure the new hire will want to transfer there and in that case they would hope to hire me at that time if I'm still available. So I guess we'll see.
  6. by   ladynesh
    #4 2
    So I heard back from them today. I was offered a position. I was actually offered to go directly into a floor nurse position. I was told I didn't have to the STAR program directly. I will still have the same amount of training time, but I will do all my training at my facility. He said he will be sending me my offer letter and information on my next steps in my email. I am waiting for the email to get started.....
  7. by   Duncan6
    #5 0
    Congrats! It will be nice to have the training at your facility! Best wishes for you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
  8. by   StarBrownRN
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    I'm not sure how things turned out for you, but please RUN AWAY from any FA position that requires you to work the floor. That's a red flag. That clinic likely has staffing, management and retention issues; and probably a lot of productivity and fiscal issues as well. Additionally, it's unfair; there are plenty of FAs and RODs that aren't RNs. So, working the floor isn't a necessary requirement of that position. For some reason, there is very high turnover among FAs...just something to think about.
  9. by   Duncan6
    #7 2
    StarBrownRN, thanks for the advice! They still haven't filled the position yet, and after further conversations with them I am still in the running. The concerns you mentioned are the same ones I have. Any company I have worked for before has had an RN as the FA. They did help on the floor- but only when they had time and if it was absolutely needed. They weren't ever scheduled on the floor unless they were maybe covering a vacation or something like that. Since they hire FAs that aren't RNs I'm sure this is just a cost saving measure. The clinic itself has been open about 4-5 years and still runs just 3 days a week with a small staff, but I'm wondering how many FAs they have gone through. I've spoken with two current FAs in my region and they say they both love it and one actually works per diem in pediatric home health. Not sure how she does that. On the other end of the spectrum I have spoken with a former coworker who was an FA and went back to working on the floor. She was absolutely burned out and hated it. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm not too optimistic that I will be offered the position, but I'm glad to have my concerns validated either way.
  10. by   Duncan6
    #8 2
    I was offered a staff nurse position this past Thursday. Right after getting an informal offer I received a notice that the outpatient clinic less than 2 miles from my house is hiring a charge nurse. I have wanted a position there forever, but they don't have any turnover! Seriously- nothing in probably 3 years since I've been really looking. So between the informal offer and formal offer later that night, I submitted my app. for the charge nurse job. I took a chance and called the clinic and was able to speak with the administrator who also scheduled me for an interview this last Monday. Interview went well. She said she'd let me know soon. In the meantime I've declined the other offer. I was getting a little nervous because initially they said it would be a 5am-6pm shift, then it became 4am-8pm, but hopefully there would be someone who could take the later part of the day- but it sounded really unstable. I also would have to drive over the mountain- summer it isn't bad, but in winter nothing would be plowed at 3am. So we'll see what happens- fingers crossed!
  11. by   tassa2
    #9 1
    Hello, I have applied for DaVita's STAR RN position and am awaiting my telephone interview. How has your experience been so far? Which state are you working in?
    Any feedback from others is welcomed as well. I am a new grad RN.
  12. by   ladynesh
    #10 2
    Quote from tassa2
    Hello, I have applied for DaVita's STAR RN position and am awaiting my telephone interview. How has your experience been so far? Which state are you working in?
    Any feedback from others is welcomed as well. I am a new grad RN.
    I have been in the STAR RN program for about a month now. I am learning side by side with the PCTs. They are the eyes and ears for the nurses. They cannulate the patients, get patients on the machines, monitor BPs and VS. They alert the nurses to any sudden changes. You have to have a good foundation. I like how the STAR program, you learn the basics. You learn with them before you start your RN training. I have went home tired many many days because they are very busy especially for me bc I'm slower so takes me a little longer. But they are understanding and they don't rush you. I am awaiting confirmation on my permanent clinic placement. I was told today that there is an opening in the clinic but also in Acutes. I never worked in Acutes before and that makes me a little nervous bc those patients are critically ill. But all I can say is so far so good. Its a good program and you can really learn a lot. Just have to be motivated and determined. I am located in Arizona...Where are you?
  13. by   lvnforschool
    #11 2
    I am an LVN here in CA, and am looking into a LVN position with DaVita. I was told it is 3 months of training. I am excited to be looking at real nursing VS what I am currently doing. But I am nervous about the pace. It sounds like it will be a very busy job? I am trying to learn as much as possible about dialysis so I know what im getting myself into.

    Any info I need to know?

  14. by   delicious_eve
    #12 1
    Anyone knows how much is the starting salary for a brand new RN in Davita Texas?

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