DaVita Interview - page 2

I'm a recent LPN grad and haven't taken my boards yet(Im still waiting to be cleared for a test day). I have an interview with Davita on Friday and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me anything I can... Read More

  1. by   dialysisnurseLC
    Congratulations and don't get discouraged if u feel u aren't catching on or going as fast as others... Y will learn at ur own pace and it really takes a year to be totally comfortable in dialysis
  2. by   Brookeylea
    Congrats. It's a long 9 weeks of training, you won't be comfortable for at least year ( im on month 4) and I still get stomach aches on my way to work.
  3. by   latrussell
    This was a very informative thread as I too am a recent LPN graduate and I start my first job in Monday with DaVita. I'm super nervous & anxious. I really hope I love this job because it seems like a really great place to work!
  4. by   samlew23
    What interview questions did they ask you? I know this is a few years out but i have a phone interview with DaVita ( Philadelphia) tomorrow ( on my birthday yikes). I already looked through their core values and wrote a bunch of thoughts down, also have a few questions prepared to ask them.
  5. by   lawandaluxnurse
    I had a phone interview a few days ago and am waiting for a call for an in person interview at a local site. I was asked questions about my background, what I knew about Davita, how I worked with others, my goals etc.
  6. by   CT Pixie
    Samlew23, how did the phone interview go? I have one scheduled for tomorrow and was curious as to what is talked about. Could you provide any info? Thanks in advance.
  7. by   Mahogany Queen
    I would like to know if any of you are still working at DaVita as an LPN. What state do you work in? How many days do you work? Hours per day? Starting salary as a PCT? Salary change after getting your LPN license? How thorough is the training? I am a graduate LPN in TN waiting to take my NCLEX and have been considering DaVita as well.