Chronic dialysis nurse/patient ratio

  1. Does anyone know (if there is a current national or state level law that mandates a nurse/patient ratio) what the nurse/patient ratio is for chronic dialysis? More Arkansas? I understand that in chronic the RN takes care of more patients versus acute; however, I can't seem to find anything regarding a law specifically stating any numbers.

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  3. by   workingmomRN
    The nurse/patient ratios vary from state to state. In NC, there is no set limit for tech/patient ratio, but the general norm is 4 pts to each tech & 25 patients for 1 nurse. Now, with the new Medicare bundling, etc. we have been told that at the end of the day when the patients are coming off tx, we should send techs home & keep a 5 pt/1 tech ratio. However, it is the nurse's decision whether to keep techs there longer to maintain safety & stability of the floor.
  4. by   Tish88
    There is no national nurse to patient ratio, but you can check with your state regs to see if they have one.
    My state does not have any regulations on this. I have done as many as 1 RN to 25 patients each shift.
    This is a situation when you hope you have fantastic PCT's working with you that "understand" the dialysis process!
    We don't have any PCT/patient ratio either.

    The new conditions of coverage from CMS, just states you have to have 1 RN in the building at all times.
  5. by   madwife2002
    we would like to have 1 to 16 RN ratio and I think the majority of the time that is the case or less depending on the pt call off's.
    Once we get passed 16 then the 2nd RN is there.
    Pt ratio is 1-5 I would like 1-4 but we are short staffed as per usual