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I've asked this question months ago, but since we have more visitors posting to the site, I am going to ask it again. Has anyone that works in Dialysis taken the CDN exam offered by the NNCC?? I am... Read More

  1. by   RNSha
    You can go to the ANNA website-they have a link to the I think its the NCCNC or soemthing like that.But that is where you need to go.
  2. by   BeckieRN
    I have taken the CNN exam and recertified by testing on two additional occasions. I think that the test is fairly basic information that most nephrology nurses would possess. It tests on pathophysiology, modes of therapy, psychosocial, infection control, and transplantation. And yes, a BSN is required to sit for the exam at this point in time although I believe it is not a requirement for the CDN exam. Good luck to all taking the exam!!
  3. by   RNSha
    BSN is required for the CNN-ADN is required for the CDN.You must also have the necessary CEU's which I believe is 15 or so.
  4. by   nursekat1962
    What is the cost of the ADN exam? Is it national?
  5. by   rnkearle
    Hi.. I know this is a little late but I am sitting for the CDN this April and would appreciate any info to be shared... I'm a little nervous, have been studying a lot!:uhoh21:
  6. by   penem10
    Hi, I am new to and just discovered this discussion forum. My coworker and I want to take the CDN. Can you tell me what books, material you used to study from. What guidelines did you use to guide you on what to study? As far as I know there is not a review guide for CDN, but there is for the CNN. I already purchased this and I am using it for my main guide in studying. Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated.
    Quote from RNSha
    I just took the CDN in October.It was not too hard if you have been in dialysis a while.If you dont know anything about PD look it up and know something about the values of changing med doses on Calcijex and Epo.Everyone gets a different test though but I hope this helps you some.

    PS yes I passed
  7. by   BeckieRN
    I have taken the CNN exam twice in the last 12 years after coming back to dialysis from a 7 year break. The test was exactly the same!! Go in with a good understanding of hemodialysis and PD applications and you will do well. Best of luck!!
  8. by   eman
    Me and several people will be taking the CHN(Bonet) in Nov. it is s step under the CNN and CDN. I work for RCG and they pay extra for the cert testing.
  9. by   eman
    I passed! Not a bad test.