**Sigh** Isn't there an easier way to earn extra cash?

  1. I already work full time in a MWF clinic which I LOVE...it is HOME and these folks are my FAMILY....but I can't make it on 30-36 hrs a week so I've been floating to other clinics with the same company on Tuesdays for overtime and mileage and all the nice perks they give us when we float...but the 3 hrs one way to work a full 10 on my day off is killing me....when I called the float coordinator she told me to call an administrator in Macon (only 2 hrs away) - but I looked that particular center up online first....and I gotta tell ya, my nerves can NOT handle the noise of 31 machine alarms and two full shifts in those 31 chairs on what is supposed to be a SLOW day (TTS)....no other needs around except for this clinic in Atlanta...within the perimeter, and since they expanded into two shifts on TTS, what is supposed to be a 3 hr drive home has stretched into a 5 hr drive home due to traffic...Atlanta is notorious for that. I've already had to get a new car partly due to damage sustained after hitting a tractor-trailer tire on my way up (it was 3:15 am and Interstate 16 is PITCH black that time of morning) and having a piece of metal fly into my windshield on the way home that SAME DAY....

    I'm just tired. And the more I think about having to continue to go to Atlanta the more tired I get. I can always get back on with the agency per diem, but those of you who have done that know how that goes....it's not exactly something you can count on and I need something I can count on that won't make me totally useless to my loved ones......I'm already so tired I've lost my checkbook, ATM card (twice), credit cardd, just always misplacing things.

    Any suggestions? Otherwise, thanks for just letting me vent a little....

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  3. by   jnette
    Hi Babs !

    Our M-W-F day s are long gone (as of 2 years) and even with T-TH-Sat. in between, none of us still get a full forty as we work four out of the 6 days.

    No, that traffic and travel wouldn't be worth the extra $$ to me either. No way. Have you thought of doing some PRN one day a week at a local hospital ? Doing something a little different might be refreshing and keep your other skills honed as well. I've considered doing this in a year from now.. just one afternoon a week, or on one of my Saturdays off here and there. Whatcha think?
  4. by   renerian
    3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth it to me.

  5. by   Mandee
    I wouldn't do it either. I was wondering what time most people start in the morning? One of the clinics here is offering four ten hour days/week and I'm thinking it must be a really early morning!!!

  6. by   babs_rn
    It is, Mandee...different clinics startup at different times, I've seen them start putting patients on usually anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Which means you show up an hour to a half hour before.
  7. by   jnette
    Originally posted by babs_rn
    It is, Mandee...different clinics startup at different times, I've seen them start putting patients on usually anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Which means you show up an hour to a half hour before.
    Our patients begin arriving at the door at 0430... we laready have all the machines set up by then.. which means we clock in at 0400.. which means we get up out of bed at 0300 !!!

    But.. on the brighter side, after 2 shifts of patients, we are out of there by 2:30 -3:00 in the afternoon. On the "short days (one shift) we are gone by 11 a.m.
  8. by   Mandee
    Well, I went to the interview yesterday and they were all really nice. They have 20 chairs, three shifts on MWF and two shifts on TTS....they arrive at the clinic around 5:30am. It's technically four ten hour shifts/week but sounds more like they work eleven or twelve. Anyway, it was very interesting and I have a lot of respect for those nurses but it's not for me, I'm going to call them back tomorrow and let them know that I won't be taking the position. I had my hospice interview today and ohmygosh!! I was home! It's where my heart is so I'll be anxious to find out if I got the position or not, they are going to call me tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  9. by   jnette
    Good for you Mandee ! You go with your heart. I've always been drawn to hospice myself. When I can't handle the pace or hours at dialysis as I get older, I believe that's where I'll be going myself.

    Um.. as a NURSE, that is !

    Wish you the very best.. keep us posted on how hospice is working out for you, ok?
  10. by   Mandee
    Thank you! I'll be sure to post once I get my call tomorrow.
  11. by   babs_rn
    Floating back to Atlanta area again, just one day a week. It really IS worth it when you get paid for the travel time and the clinic isn't a nightmare...the one I'm going to now is really pretty nice. I get paid my regular RN rate for the travel time and that puts me into overtime. True, I'd like to be able to make a good living working 8-4 somewhere but that's just not going to happen as a nurse...at least not around here, not as long as I remain single and carry the responsibilities I do. Plus I still get my weekends off and so I don't have to sacrifice my kids to pull a shift. (Sat/Sun are OUT of the question because that's the only time I see them - I am a noncustodial mom because of the hours I've always worked. I pay child support)

    So, until they hire another nurse and I have to start scrambling for extra work again, I'm settled in for now....

  12. by   jnette
    Hi Babs !

    Well, glad you found what fits your needs. Is the commute pretty bad, though? How long does that make your day? Shew.. don't know if I could handle that. It's three hours ONE way? Wow. What time do you get up to arrivie in time? (knowing how early these clinics open for tx)... and what time do you get home at night?

    I've not heard of a "float pool" at our company... much less of any perks. Figures. Perhaps you'd fill me in? Feel free to pm me if you wish.
    And hope it all works out for the best for you !
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  13. by   renerian
    Dang Jnette! People coming at 4:30am YIKES.

  14. by   babs_rn
    Hi Jnette...

    I get up at 2 to leave at 2:30 to be there by 6. Drive home is a little longer due to traffic and, lately, weather - so it's an 18 hr day but then I get PAID for 18 hrs and since I have to have those hours it's worth it. Besides, as one who hates to be cooped up all day, getting paid 7 hrs that I'm not actually in the clinic but on my commute is a good deal. I wouldn't do it if I didn't get both travel time and mileage. The mileage translates into an extra tax-free $600/month.

    Our float pool goes something like this:

    You have your home clinic you work at or if they don't need you then you work out of it and your benefits and all come from that clinic so you keep all that. Float diff is $3/hr for actual hours worked and if you travel over 60 miles you get travel time to boot. Plus, of course, mileage/meals/hotel reimbursement although you CAN get a cash advance overnighted to you if you need it. When I did nothing but float, I insisted on my days being scheduled together so I could go and stay and work a few days and then drive home. Now I just do it to fill in my 40 hrs at the VERY least and preferably to pick up an extra 10 of OT - which travel time does count toward.
    Company is Davita and they just came out with a travel nurse plan within the company too - 13 week assignments but I don't have any details on that because that doesn't interest me. I like to be at home at night.

    Hope that helps!
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