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Dialysis Nurse Salary


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How much does DaVita and/or Fresenius pay nurses in Georgia?

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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This will vary from town to town, even in the same state. Plus, any nursing experience, plus any dislysis experience. I will encourage you to apply and ask the recruiter at that time

Outpatient dialysis pay is not good in southern California at least for those two companies. Also, instead of giving you a 12-hour rate like a hospital, they give you a “base hourly” with time and a half from hours 8-12 and then so on, like overtime on a non-nursing job. This screws you on training days etc when you are scheduled shorter days. TBH, DaVita was the lowest pay I’ve made as a nurse and I went in with 10 years nursing experience. They are such a giant corporation (Fresenius too) who care too much about their bottom line to do right by their patients or nurses. Seems like they will hire anybody. My experience with non-clinical management was not good either but I did love some of the RNs and LVNs I worked with.