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Dialysis or nothing?


I want to thank everyone for making site a valuable tool. I visited many times before taking NCLEX! Anyway, I'm a new grad RN with 3 years experience in an ICU as a CNA, so I have good idea of what it's like to work in a hospital. But I haven't been able to get a position in my hospital, which equates to unemployment. DaVita offered a good starting salary, even though my passion is cardiac, I can't help but think that learning all about renal can never be wasted experience. Any opinions on starting in dialysis? I have to give an answer by tomorrow!

Just remember that sometimes you get stuck in a specialty. I personally love dialysis and the pay is great. It's not for everyone though...

Thank you for advice! I requested to shadow a nurse for a shift to see first hand what the details of the job look like. Plus it seems like many of the opinions on this site differ based on the way specific facilities are run, along the attitude of the staff. It looks like a good place to start and learn, but I'll know better after tomorrow. I'm 45 years old and want to specialize in an area of nursing.

I'm just wondering how your shadowing went? I interviewed with DaVita this morning and have scheduled to shadow a nurse for next week.

Did they offer you an acute or chronic position?

Hi guys! They offered a position with chronic patients in one of their out-patient clinics. I liked being there for a 10 hour shift and got see how the staff supports each other and observed a smooth work flow. I signed and start on Monday!