Dialysis interview next week- NE FL


I've been working as an RN for over 6 months as an Endoscopy nurse. Applied to a job that was posted for a dialysis clinic in one of the hospitals in NE FL. Today, the hospital called me and asked to when I can be available for an interview. The interview will be done next week when I am available.

Honestly, I am so elated way beyond the heavens :heartbeat :lol2:......

My endo experience includes: pre-op with the patient: assessment, interview/instructions/teaching and initiating IV for conscious/twilight sedation. Intra-op: assisting MD's during the procedure, checking the monitor for VS,SaO2 and collecting specimens. Recovery assignment: checking VS,SaO2 and making sure patient able to pass gas, giving instructions and teaching patient and/or family about procedures before/after discharge and etc.

I need guidance to what to expect for a dialysis interview, what to ask, what to study for this new field and please, please.....share your thoughts and experiences - good and bad. :thankya:..... My endo job is okey BUT if I will be given a chance to work with this hospital dialysis clinic (my first choice :redbeathe) I will take it......:idea:

Thanks for taking time to read my post........Inputs are welcome and appreciated.


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Would you mind pming me or stating on here what hospital it is? I might be able to give some info depending on what hospital you are interviewing at.


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Is this inpatient/acute, or outpatient? Inpatient usually involves on-call, and occassional overtime. Make sure you understand what the differentials are. Might be similar if you do on-call already.

You have plenty to offer already. They will teach you everything you need to know.

Best wishes!


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No worries, as long as you have a good personality you'll get the job. As a dialysis nurse, I realize once you get the interview, you'll likely get the job. Dialysis setting will even be willing to train. As you stated your credentials I think you are most fit. However, ask about the hours and patient ratio. Will you have a pct or be responsible for dialyizing all patients. Me personal, I hate Acute (in hospital) dialysis. Many times you are on-call for some wacky hours. In fact, you can go to the hospital to dialyize a patient, go home, only to be called right back before you even untie your shoes. Inquire, Inquire, Inquire!!! But you'll get the position.

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The in-patient dialysis nurses that come to our ICU seem to have a pretty good gig. Granted, they need to know what they're doing, complications from the equipment since they're by themselves etc, but once they start the patient on dialysis, they pretty much just get to sit there for 3 hours watching the machine/chart. You get one patient at a time, so no getting pulled in a million different directions, no families asking you a million questions lol, definitely seems low stress, too. Go for it. I would definitely study all cardio/renal stuff, anything r/t dialysis, peritoneal dialysis/hemo, how to access, complications to watch for, etc. Good luck! Very exciting for you!

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As a former dialysis nurse, I can tell you that you are well qualified for the job; they will train you (otherwise they would have specified "experienced only"), and you don't have to know a lot about dialysis (just the basics, really) for the interview.

That said, dialysis is a specialty area that can make it difficult to move on to other areas in the future (especially acute care); it can be done, but is not easy. But endo is a specialty area as well, so you already know that. As pp have pointed out, there is quite a difference between chronic (clinic) and acute (hospital) dialysis; you are probably dealing with the latter, however you did mention a clinic so it could be either (some hospitals have their own outpatient/chronic clinics). On call is a major problem with acutes, but otherwise it's less stressful than outpt dialysis.

For much more info, I would recommend you check out the dialysis specialty forum on this site.

Best of luck to you!



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Good news! I got the job in this hospital! I'm sure this is another challenge but I'm always positive! If

I made endo then I can do dialysis. I just wanted to be part of this hospital!.....At work, I was having a bad start but when

I got the call.....everything changed! :hpygrp:They will give me 12 weeks training......Will update next time.


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Would you mind pming me or stating on here what hospital it is? I might be able to give some info depending on what hospital you are interviewing at.

Misswhitney! I read that you're with Jax Trauma One Hospital. Congrats! Wish I can get in there especially dialysis. Any thoughts? Want to know the hiring process.