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Diabetes in Pregnancy

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by Jesalyn Jesalyn (New) New Student

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Hi! I am a nursing student completing a project on Diabetes in pregnancy (either those who already have it or gestational diabetes) and the associated risks. I was wondering if any of you out there that have experience in OB or with diabetic mothers could answer a few questions for me? I would really appreciate it!

1. Have you seen an overall increase in diabetes in pregnancy? If yes, why do you think that might be?

2. What are some of the complications you have seen in both mothers and infants before or after pregnancy?

3. Are C-sections more common in these mothers?

4. Do you see it reoccurring in mothers? (Gestational Diabetes)

5. What role do you play with mothers who have diabetes?

6. How long have you worked in this field? And what is your title.

7. Anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance!

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klone has 14 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

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1. Yes. Because pregnant women are unhealthier, fatter, and older now than 20 years ago, generally speaking.

2. Recurrent miscarriage, fetal death, birth defects (including cardiac) because uncontrolled DM is highly teratogenic. Increased risk of shoulder dystocia, increased risk of brachial plexus injuries and clavicle fractures. Increased risk of newborn hypoglycemia requiring IV treatment.

3. Yes

4. Yes. Having it once increases your risk of having it again. Also, having GDM increases your risk of developing DM Type 2.

5. At this time, I am in L&D so my only role is caring for them while in labor. For several years I worked outpatient OB, so my role was counseling women on how to avoid/prevent DM, as well as encouraging them to NOT get pregnant until they could get their pre-existing DM under control.

6. 14 years as an RN. I'm currently an "associate nurse manager"

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