New to Endocrinology and Diabetes Physicians office

  1. Hello Everyone, I have an interview for a doctors office that only hires RN's so I was wondering what type of things would I be doing such as test that an Endocrinology and Dibetes nurse would do. Also any other helpful information would be great. I am nervous, I really want this job! I have never work in this specialty before.
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  3. by   classicdame
    You will need to get a copy (free online) of the ADA Standards and learn what is appropriate for your practice. Try to find an association for nurses in this field or see if the MD will let you read their copy of Endorcrinology Today. Get on Medscape for Nurses for more free learning. Get a patho book and learn about the pancreas and meds/procedures used to treat it. Sounds interesting to me. Good luck
  4. by   CDEWannaBe
    in addition to checking vitals you'll probably do a blood sugar test with a glucose meter (gluco check). some offices also do a1c tests, but many have the blood lab run this test. you may also download information from the patient's glucose meter or insulin pump.

    this book is published by the barbara davis juvenile diabetes center in denver. it's primarily for type 1 but addresses type 2 issues as well. you can view this copy free online.
    understanding diabetes | school of medicine | university of colorado denver

    if you get the job, i recommend buying the book "nurses guide to diabetes self management." nurses' guide to teaching diabetes self-management: second edition (9780826108272): rita girouard mertig ms rnc cns de: books