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  1. I am new to allergy nursing and need advice! I have a lot of office experience, but am new to ENT and immunology. Has anyone set up a practice before and have advice to offer? I have been hired to start the allergy portion to their practice and so far have implemented PFT's, lab testing, and patient education. We are offering allergy drops, not injections. I am looking for education and training resources for myself, as I do not have anyone there to train me. The physician are wonderful, but I'm looking for other nurses who have actually done this before!

    My main areas in question are guidelines on mixing- where to find state regulations, am I within my scope of practice to mix and dispense for use in allergy DROPS?

    I have tried searching on line for training or course offerings, but most are just info for physician or are ENT focued and my only have 1 or 2 allergy speakers for an entire week-long event, so it's not really worth it.

    Mostly, it would just be nice to have a fellow-allergy nurse to chat with Also wondering if you get bored?? I have been in this position for 3 months and am already missing 'clinical action'. Thinking of maybe picking up an occasional shift somewhere.

    I should also mention that I am a new nurse. I had been a medical assistant for 9 years prior to going to nursing school. Became an RN last year, worked 4 months on a cardiac unit (hated it) and then accepted current allergy position. Very interested in maternity or traumatic wound care.

    I'd love to talk with other nurses who could offer advice!
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  3. by   DemonWings
    I dont have an answer, but I thought your post was titled "Allergy to Nursing"

    Good luck on the new job, Allergy nursing has always been an interest of mine because I have a child with severe allergies
  4. by   iamnumber9
    Did you ever find any resources? I am a new grad as well and am currently working at a SNF. I have an interview with an allergy clinic on Monday and am wondering what the work is like.
  5. by   allergyrn
    Hi new grad I have training scheduled in a few weeks,but have found some info in the meantime. It will depend on what your duties will be - giving injections and monitoring for reactions, skin testing, mixing, etc... I currently do a lot of pt consults- provide pts with education, answer questions, submit scripts to pharmacy, etc. After the training I will be doing the testing on-site and then will also be mixing. We currently offer drops only, but may be adding injections....Let me know how your interview goes- once you start and know which tasks you are assigned I can provide more info Good Luck!!
  6. by   allergyrn
    I forgot to add- for the interview you should know that pts must be monitored approx 20 mins after injection for signs of adverse reactions and need monitored closely during testing for anaphylactic reactions. You will of course need up to date CPR, etc...good knowledge in monitoring & treating AR, etc...
  7. by   iamnumber9
    Thanks for your quick response! My interview is Monday and I've been perusing the web (as well as stalking the company's website) for more information. I'll be primarily giving shots, but the RN I spoke with over the phone said there's LOTS of paperwork, which I don't mind too much as long as I'm learning. SNF is so daunting for a new grad. 32 patients to 1 RN and I only had 1 week of training. I feel like I am drowning every day. I hope this allergy clinic will be a better step in my nursing career.
  8. by   allergyrn
    It should be a BIG change from SNF. I came from a cardiac unit and it is totally different. I like that I actually have the time to sit and talk with my patients and answer their questions. The down side is that I miss the more 'clinical' procedures from the hospital. I was so used to a fast paced environment, that I miss the activity. But, as I said we will soon be doing a lot more hands-on tasks, so I'm looking forward to that. Allergy isn't something that I 'wanted' to do as a nurse, but it's a great schedule for my family and any experience is a good thing....I still have dreams of L&D nursing, so I may pick up some hours in maternity somehow just to keep that spark alive
  9. by   DOU RN
    Where do I find good allergy patient education info?
  10. by   xtxrn
    I put "patient education- allergies" in the search bar on Yahoo, and literally got too many to even begin to put links to (or weed through)

    Maybe that would help?
  11. by   MaryD63
    Hi, I have been an allergy nurse for over 20 years. I have worked for ENT, Traditional allergist and all sublingual practice. Go to or call them. They have courses and also a person who can help you. I wish you could call me in person but I hate to post my phone number on here. In fact call them and ask to speak to there Clinical Liaison, she is wonderful.
  12. by   dshepp806
    Interested to get information sources that have to do with "mixing on site" for sublingual immunotherapy. Any body have anything, thus far?

    BEST to all!

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