Diabetic Educators: Structuring and Tracking

  1. I am wondering how diabetes educators structure their one-on-one sessions, their group sessions and also what information they track for their patients.
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  3. by   Mudwoman
    Our program is certified by AADE. We are dictated that we have to teach all 7 areas of self care management per the AADE to keep our certification. We have data that we have to keep and turn in to AADE every year for our certification. We track A1c, weight, and yearly eye exam at this time. If our program were certified by ADA, it would be different, but likely very similar.....I don't know.

    Classes are 2 hours each X's 3 classes. One on One is more of an "assessment" and there is certain information we have to obtain to fill out the assessment questionaire. Otherwise, the patient is there and has a lot of questions.......mostly "what can I eat?" They care little about anything else.
  4. by   SteveDE
    Our program is recognized by the ADA, material to be used is the AADE7, so its the same material, however, some patients will need more focus in various areas depending on the situation. I generally structure the usual education as the initial appt. is about 2 hours, follow up 1-3 times for 1-2 hours depending on the situation and whether its 1 on 1 or group.

    One good book to use is the Living Well With Diabetes, its FREE, which is a bonus, but it follows all of the AADE7 needed material, easy to read, and easy to follow along for patients and educators. Also cornerstones4care has a good program of books you can get for FREE, I think the Living Well with Diabetes is less overwhelming and easier to follow, but all the material is very good. I would recommend getting some of both and getting use to it.

    With the ADA I use Chronicle Diabetes software for patient tracking and charting.
  5. by   urbanRN
    Does anyone here track the Glucose levels for their organization? I am attempting to trend the glucose levels on my unit and the adjoining unit and trend if the levels reading too high or low has been addressed. Does anyone have a spreadsheet that could guide me on what to include?
  6. by   NGYSUN
    I know this post is old. But, I am trying to find the book Living well with diabetes. Any suggestions on how or where I can have access to it?. Thank you
  7. by   Mudwoman
    The book is produced by Krames and sponsored by Merek and The American Diabetes Association. There is a pdf form of the book that you can print, but actually getting the book, you must buy in bulk and they are expensive. Just google it and you will find several links where you can print it.

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