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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to get the opinion of other nurses on this issue I face. I have an opportunity to work has a diabetes educator and earn my CDE. Problem is I am relatively a new nurse. I have more experience in clinic types atmospheres than say hospital. I started out on a surgical floor, but absolutely hated it so I resigned after a month - how pathetic. I don't regret that decision however I just feel my clinical skills are not up to par. I have gotten greater people skills and good teaching skills from working in a clinic though which is a definite plus. But for some reason I feel I am not a really nurse unless I am passing meds, starting IV's, doing blood draw, giving shots, etc. I know this absurd, but that is just how I feel right now. My issue is if I take this job will it hinder me from getting other nursing jobs that don't revolve around diabetes later on in my career? I feel this is a good opportunity for me especially so early on in my career and diabetes does interest me. Any thoughts/advice would be great.




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You are a people person, you are a good educator.......I see a CDE in your future.

You can learn TASKS if you wish....

get a phlebotomist to teach you how to draw blood.

take an EKG course at the community college

brush up on your pharmacology though diabetics usually have many medical problems that directly or indirectly affect their disease.

I was 5 years an RN before I took a hospital job. It took aobut 3 months to get all the TASKS learned.

IMHO go for the educator position. If you don't try you will never know if you would have success.


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You said in your post you were a nurse for 5 year before taking a hospital job, if you don't mind want kind of jobs did you have? Thanks for the response it made me feel better. I realize the diabetes educator job is a good experience and opportunity. I have talked to my good friend also a fellow RN who is working on a surgical floor and she says she really dreads going to work. She tells me yes the hospital has helped her get her skills down, but she never has enough time to educate her patients and she lacks the personal skills when it comes to dealing with patients and their family. She thinks I should just go for the diabetes job - skills can be learned at any time. I know she's right. Thanks for the response.

Take Care,



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Let's see.

I worked for a doctor 7 years before and during my RN school.....so 2 years there after RN.......WONDERFUL JOB

Surgical nurse 1 year (hated it)

HeadStart Health Handicap Nutrition Coordinator 1 year.JOB OK , PROJECT MANAGER WAS A LECHER!

Public Health Nurse almost a year did EPSDT and WIC over, and over, and over, and over, and over YUCK........hmmmm there was something else in there but I have forgotten.

Oh!!!! Vocational Rehabilitation nurse at inpatient evaluation center DISGUSTING- Did everything from bathing patients, giving meds, to sweeping and mopping the floor-then on dayshift we also had to help cook and wash dishes...........

One Sunday the hospital ran an ad that said set your hours, set your days I picked TWTh 830-5 and they gave it to me!......soooo

hmmmmm I needed a new car downpayment.....that was in 1977 and we've had maybe 20 cars since then.......worked there 22 years before hurting L3-4 and L5-S1 and medically retiringLoved it and hated it and......still miss it...the people not the way admin treated me about W/C

Im not advocating you avoid hospital work but if somethng else floats your boat, then take a sail!


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Hi Again,

Thanks for your response. It sounds like you had some interesting jobs in nursing. I love hearing about different jobs other nurses have been in. That is so awesome that the hospital let you pick your schedule. Too bad they don't do that anymore. By the way what area in the hospital did you work in? I don't think you said. Well thanks for the advice I love talking with supportive experienced nurses. It puts some of my worries at ease. Sorry to hear about your back was it caused by nursing?

Best wishes,



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Hey, I'm glad you started this thread. Someday I want to become a CDE. Just remember, about your trepidations you can't learn or be all things at once. Most people learn the requirements specific to each job, once they get there. I'm sure that with an eager attitude, you will do well anywhere. Good luck and take care.

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