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Hello I'm new to this forum, and I need guidance. I'm needing to find a simple case study over diabetes. Can anyone point in the correct direction? I've looked on google and yahoo, and all the case study's I'm finding are very indepth. Something short with a few questions. Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks!

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If you look through the threads here you'll find sample case studies on diabetes that other students have asked about. I saw one a few days ago.

Thanks a bunch! Now when you said to look through the thread did you mean in this section or in another section?

I work in a day surgery area and when a Anesthesiologist orders a preop medication, we have a new system that pharmacy say's we cannot retrieve the med from our pyxis without the Dr putting the order in the computer. So there is a wait time for a Scop patch or other preop meds that often the Anesthesiologist is just seeing the patient right before OR. This causes a delay is surgey, which is terrible as we all know, and frustrating, any suggestions?

Suggest posting this in the General Nursing section, not in the Student section. You can get there by going to the big yellow bar at the top and clicking on Nurses, then go to General Nursing.

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edit: Nevermind. Just saw the date on this. Why was this bumped from the dead? Lol.

edit: Nevermind. Just saw the date on this. Why was this bumped from the dead? Lol.

Because bsmucker (whoever she is) picked a random old post to reply to even though her post had nothing to do with it. Hope she moved her question to General Nursing, though.

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