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Developmental Assessments on Peds


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Hey Everyone,

I just got a job that involves doing developmental assessments on kids aged 0-3 while also monitoring the safety of the home/environment, and family life. This is something that I do not have much experience in, but am very eager to learn. I am hoping to get some info on good books or legit websites that I could use as a resourse. If anyone has any personal tips they've gained from experience, or advice, Id love to hear them! Thanks in advance!

We use Ages & Stages Questionaries for our developmental screenings. They are very easy to use. I don't have a resourse for home assessment. I know what I look for but it would take me too long to type.

I have been doing the same type job for a little over a year now. We also use the Ages & Stages 3 Questionnaires (ASQ3). Yes, very easy to use--in fact, in our training, we were told to just have the parent complete the questionnaire, rather than us asking the questions. With the ASQ, we have also been told not to have the child perform the task. If they have not had the opportunity to attempt a skill, there is a way to factor that in. With this screening, the only thing that can be tricky for someone new is having to use "clinical judgement" if they don't technically "screen in" for our early intervention program.

I have really enjoyed my job. What tolook for when you are doing a home assessment can also be a challenge at first. When I first started, I was pretty overwhelmed just with knocking on the door and going into someone's home, that I became somewhat myopic. I have gotten much better and can scan the environment and make a pretty good assessment. It is a pretty nice, relaxed job. I love meeting with my moms and babies (I am the High Risk Infant Followup RN) so I see a lot of preemies. It is nice to be able to sit and talk and teach. I have also used a lot of mental health nursing skills with this job......

As far as good resources, the internet has been great for me in learning a lot about developmental milestones. I like CDC's "Learn the Signs", American Academy of Pediatrics "Developmental Stages", and Medline Plus' "Developmental Milestones".

Good Luck!:)

hi, where can i download the screening tool or questionnaire that is being used for developmental screenings? where can i get a copy ?