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Could someone help list the steps and things that needs to be done when admitting clients. I am a new graduate and I am not confident doing this thing because I think there are many things that need to be done.

thank you.

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It varies from facility to facility. But here is a general overview: First assess the patient, get immediate vitals/put them on a monitor if indicated, check the orders for what needs to be done now, Do stat orders, Do belongings list/med history sheet/other admit forms, Make sure ID band is on and the bed is locked with call light in reach, go chart assessment, vitals, I and O, ect, fill out care plan, and fill out MARS and give whatever meds need to be given. Then sign off orders and you are done (with the basics, I know other stuff comes up, these are just universal admit procedures most places.

Hope this helps some. Everyone admits different, and this is just the order I like to do stuff in.


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Yes, every place is different that you work at. Make sure the next time you are working, to ask someone where the new admission information is for admitting and for discharging, they should have it listed in writing somewhere. Rhonda

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