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Desperately need hope and advice

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Good afternoon everyone, I need help and advice.

I am an American male who moved to Puerto Rico and married a local.  I studied nursing here, loved it, and graduated with my BSN-RN in 2015.  I took NCLEX and passed it the second time in 2017, and I have my stateside license to this date.

After graduation, I spent more than a year looking for a nursing job here, as the wife prefers to stay here.  That was right in the time when the government of the Island hit bankruptcy, and nurses were being laid off.  I found nothing.  I should mention I am comfortably bilingual, but Spanish is obviously not my first language.  So after much thought and discussion, we decided the route for me to take was to go back to school and perhaps finish a pre-med track.  Well, since then, it has been one massive defeat after another.  First, the university went on strike, and since it was "student led," we all lost the semester and our tuition.  Then Hurricane María happened.  The university was closed for 9 months.  Then I had two good semesters, but very slow because I had to get a job in an unrelated field to survive.  Then last semester, it was a disaster.  I passed one class all right but miserably failed another.  Something I've never done before, and I think it was due to all the stress and anxiety I'm under.  And finally last month, all these earthquakes started.  The university was once again closed, I lost my class, and when it reopened again I couldn't face going back.  I dropped the class and I'm simply at the end of my rope.

I need to know, what options are there stateside for a BSN-RN with no experience and 5 years post-graduation?  I don't have the will to keep fighting things here anymore.  I am tired, I'm burnt out, and I need options.  My wife is supportive, whatever we decide.  What would any of you do?

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I would move back to the States pronto. Almost regardless, your opportunities stateside are going to be higher than those in PR right now.

You will almost certainly be able to find a position in a SNF or LTACH.

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