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I like Colleen's suggestion- they might be trying to smoke people out because they can't figure out what happened. I would just go to work, change your pyxis password immediately, and be very careful until they push the issue. If they do push the issue, that will be the time to get a lawyer. In that case...

Saying that you forgot to log out of the pyxis won't help you- every pyxis access request form I have ever seen has a statement that you are responsible for all meds removed under your electronic sign in. So you'd be left holding the bag there.

If it's a fingerprint pyxis, you would have to have left yourself logged in. If it's a code pyxis, you could be really screwed. Make sure your lawyer looks at the dates/times the pills were removed- if you weren't on duty that day, you'll still get fired but it will help a lot with your BON hearing. Also look at who else was scheduled each day the discrepancies were found- look for the same person on each of those days.

Also make sure your lawyer looks at the med sheet AND the nursing notes for every patient on the unit the days of the discrepancies- if you medicated a patient but didn't put it on the MAR, you might have mentioned it in your notes.

I'd be curious to know how many people found the discrepancies. If the same nurse entered the T3 compartment after you and "found" the discrepancy, it might be her that took them. All she has to say is "there should be 10 but there were 6 when I got there." Doesn't mean the missing ones aren't in her pocket, not

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Originally posted by BadBird

, I would not resign, I would let them fire me because then you could get unemployment until you are rehired.

Look into this before you follow this advice-eligibility for un-employment varies from state to state....You may NOT be eligible if fired.......good luck- we are pulling for you
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