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I have a bachelors degree in humanities, got a masters degree in demography all outside the USA. For the past 3 years since I came into the USA, I have been doing CNA work. I feel lost and confused for doing something way below my skills. I tried applying for demography jobs but all in vain

I am tired of job applications for areas that don't seem to be so marketable and having been exposed to the nursing field I feel more inclined to join nursing

I have experience in health research which I feel I could combine with Nursing and get to a public health Nursing field. I am not really a bedside person (for interest)

I have looked at accelerated BSN but I have to do prereqs. I feel stuck right now because I have failed to find funding for prereqs and seem not to be moving anywhere. also I thought of doing prereqs at universities thinking comty colleges as for so many prereqs before the prereq of interest. I really want to do prereqs very fast so I looked at John Hopkins online prereqs, but they are very expensive

Does anyone have any advise for me towards my goal of Public health nurse? just to mention I also have great interest in doing a phd. I thought of global health phd after bsn?

I am so done with CNA its way depressing esp that I know I have more qualifications

I am very prepared to start school this year if I can figure out finacing

Help pliz


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You should just pay as you go. Put down a payment plan for your pre-reqs (don't take on more classes than you can afford). Also apply for some nursing scholarships for your next school year, especially the ones designed for 2nd bachelors degree.

Also just try to say focused and on top of your game while working and going through school, you just need to know how to manage your time and plan everything before hand. You don't want to be caught behind on work and/or school.

I know how expensive those pre-reqs can be, because I too have to pay $$$ out of pocket while attending another college, simultaneously.

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You're gonna have to do the pre-reqs. Period. Then you'll have to apply to a nursing program. There is no shame in going to a community college. They are cost effective and they get you to your end goal - RN. I have a BA in chemistry and an MPH in Community health. I am now pursuing an ADN. With your previous background there is no reason why you can't get into an MPH program before, after or while pursuing a nursing degree. If that's what you want. If you don't like bedside care and are research driven, you may even be happier pursuing the MPH and then PhD in public health. From my understanding of public health nursing it is really "hands on" so you really need to think about what it is that you want.


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Thanks for your response, its been helpful.