Desperate about getting an RN job in Houston


I graduated from a BSN program last December. Got my RN license and everything, got a job in Mississippi right away after I settled down. Worked for 4 months and then my husband had to go to Houston for school. I loved my job but had to leave with him. Now I CANT GET ANY JOB IN HOUSTON. Everyone keeps telling us I wont have trouble getting a job here in Houston cuz there's so many hospitals here. But very disappointing, they only want nurse have at least a year experience. So now, I tried applied everyone, only get rejection letters. Came back from a nursing home for an interview today and they said they dont have any full time job there. Not even Nursing home.

Now I really dont know what to do. Sometimes I just feel like maybe go to work in a grocery store and forget about it. But all the years of education is just a big waste now. How can I even get started here in Houston and put my foot in the door?

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Have you had any luck yet? Do you already have your Tx license? I think the problem is you're stuck in limbo between "new grad" (no experience) and "experienced" (> 12 months experience). Have you looked at PRN agencies?