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Desperate to get off suboxone.. Is it possible????

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I want to get off this maintenance dose of suboxone. My doctor seems to think that I shoul stay on it for longer. I wish I would've never listened to my doctor about continuing it for so long. 2 years already. I have been tapering myself off of it. This medicine has created problems for me. I want to work and I don't think tpapn will allow me to do this while on sub. My family doesn't understand the med. It has helped me also. I don't high off of it or anything it just helps me feel "normal". whatever normal is. anyone on this med will understand what I'm saying. I tried to educate my family about sub but they just don't want to bother listening. has anyone ever been sucessful on geting off this med completely?? How hard was it. I have been free form any other meds for almost 3 years. Any advice. What should I do????. Also I have a job offer in houston for $29/ hr. I have9 years exp. in er/ crit care. Should we accept any offers even if it is unfairly low rate just because we are on tpapn??? Do employers try to offer tpapn nurses a lower pay rate than what they would pay a nurse not on tpapn. any advice is appreciated. If I am successful at getting off sub, how long does it show up in a urine test for sub. Does tpapn test your urine or sub???


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ayurvedic medicine works. see if your doc knows about it; it can cut in half your dose and eliminate w/d's if on a lower dose. w/d's are the main reason for not stopping...fear of wd's

basically set your mind to it and do it. there are herbals to reduce w/d's and they're powerful and they work. I didn't believe in them till i saw it work so now I guess i stumbled into something I thought was humbo jumbo pretend medicine. Knowledge is a pain (for me) because now I have to study to fuly understand it since I feel its my duty. Think about it, opium is an herbal medicine. There ya go! These are legal and OTC...look em up for w/d's and see if it fits or ask a practitioner.

For the record, I don't recommend self prescribing even if it's OTC


i'm sorry but waht is ayurvedic medicine?? by the way thanks for the reply. i will talk to my md about the herbals. do you know which ones have been successful? i know there are alot of imitators (companies making meds that don't work as well). thank you again. please let me know of anything else that I can do if you find out more. i really appreciate the help.

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Please remember as per terms of service we are not able to offer medical advice, You really need to speak to your PCP

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