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Hi there, this is my first post...I've been lurking around for a while, but I finally got the courage to post.

Here's my question/dilemma...I have recently been diagnosed with depression on top of my ADHD...and it's been a really hard 6 months or so. I have a really hard time paying attention in class, and all I want to do lately is sleep. I've been having trouble sleeping and so once I do, I fall into this deep almost-coma and I've slept through my alarm on more than one occasion.

It's been affecting my schoolwork, obviously, and I'll pull myself out of a rut for a while and get stuff done, but then something goes wrong and it all seems to come crashing down around me and I just want to sleep for days and days.

Some days I want nothing more than to study and do well and be a nurse...and I'll sit down and work for hours, but then others I just sleep all day long. It seems like I do way better with being prepared and ready for clinic than theory courses...I don't know why. I just get this, like, paralyzing fear of doing ANYTHING and then I don't do it so I feel worse for not doing anything and then I feel worse about feeling bad etc, etc.

I've been to the doctor with concerns and she put me on Prozac, which...kinda (?)...helped? I don't know how much of a difference there was, but m boyfriend said I was less sad. But now I've run out of my prescription and my insurance got screwed up, so I have to go in and get that fixed during business hours...good thing my classes usually run till 5pm.

I need to talk to someone, I know and I know that our campus provides help, but I just...can't go?

Also, I just wanted to add that I'm well aware that I'm self-destructing here and that its NOT okay...and I do know that I want to be a nurse. I LOVE my clinic rotation, even though its SO HARD for me to get up that early in the morning to go. I can't describe how good it feels to help out my residents (working in a nursing home this semester), even though we're changing underpants and giving showers. There were a couple occasions when I stopped a care aide from doing something potentially harmful to a resident and my instructor told me she was really proud of me for acting like a "real" nurse. I also did a job shadow at an ICU ward and I couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was. So I know I love doing nursing things, but when it comes to the actual "school" thing, it becomes terrifying and I become paralyzed? Maybe I'm so scared of failing out that I'm causing myself to fail? :confused:

Anyway, enough of my whining. I was just wondering if anyone else has these problems and could share some advice or experiences...or maybe it'll help knowing I'm not alone.

Thanks for reading my novel :)

Welcome and I love your nic. I am an addict, too.

Please hang in there! I would definitely go talk to someone at your school, ASAP, and I would also get back to the doctor ASAP and get the meds straightened out. Tell them exactly what you are experiencing concerning the sleep/depression.

It sounds like you will be a fantastic nurse, don't give this up. I really think if you get the right meds, you sleeping and depression should lessen.

Take care and let us know how it's going.

Hi there.

I know this may not make you feel better but I like to hear that some are going through the same thing as me. This depression thing (i think) is normal- for nursing students at least. I've only been in nursing school for almost a semester and I have had all the "symptoms" you have had. I am on anxiety meds and have felt depressed too but really don't want to admit it :p.

What has helped me at least a little bit is take your vitamins! My mom knows best. Vit B, D, A and iron! Trust me it will brighten your mood. Also, eat healthy and excersise (go for a run- it helps so much) I know you feel like you dont have alot of time (thats my excuse too) but it will benefit you in the long run.

One last thing! stay POSITIVE! It is so hard yet it works so well, you need to believe in yourself and know that you can do it because you can. I feel the same way- im super good at the clinical stuff and working with the patients but school is beating me up its very discouraging. Just smile! you can do this!

Let us know how your doing I would love to hear how your doing :)

I like what the all the replies to your post said. Its nice to hear words of encouragement and being positive does help. Sometimes I wonder though if the negative thinking causes depression or depression causes neg thinking. I really think that it is both but with the later scenario, it can almost be impossible to be positive and get yourself to the gym. I know people with chronic low grade depression. And have read a lot about depression. If you have clinical depression, ADHD or bipolar then meds may be the only way to lift the mood. Of course diet, exercise, supplements and positive thinking, funny movies, upbeat music, lots of exposure to light is very important. Hoplessness and the will to live are symptoms of depression and can be out of your control no matter how many Wayne Dyer CDs you listen to. One main key is to keep taking Rxs even if you get to feeling good again. Most people dont like the idea of being medicated but i have also heard (and of course, im not a professional) that the longer you suffer with deppression the longer it takes to cure. So just like any biologically based illness, the sooner it is treated the better.

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it sounds like you may be having symptoms of bipolar rather than depression. You are describing manic episodes with the constant sleeping. 0f course you should talk to your doctor and describe everything in detail. Nursing school is challenging enough without having to deal with such depression. You sound like you will be an incredible nurse. Good luck. God bless!

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I ditto what everyone is saying about get to the doc. I've dealt with depression on and off for years. Many times you have to try different meds until you get the right one or the right mix. And as someone pointed out, you may have bipolar. You can get through this, just ask for the help you need!!

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